In fact, here's a terrible secret: children do not have a real existence in the minds of most adults - often they are mere extensions of the adult's id.


"Pope forgives molested children"



I found this when trying to look up an additional source from another thread, but this line struck me very strongly. My boyfriend and I have been debating on how to approach raising our child, and this definitely gives me pause.


Do any of you have stories, about either your own childhoods or adult-children interactions that you witnessed, that made you question whether the adult was impressing their own childhood issues, disobedience, etc on the child figure with absolutely nothing to support it?

How common is this?

How many topics can this touch (LGBT, racial, religious issues)?

Is any degree or instance of this behavior from an adult/authority figure acceptable?

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.........I'm sorry, I'm still stuck on the whole "catholic church blaming the children for being molested" thing. I'm gonna need a few hours to process this insanity.

Ok, first reaction is a flight to rome to kick some priest ass. I still can't believe they let a perv run their church.

Now I understand this is an extreme example of id extension, this thing with the pope. But it still doesn't make it right.

About you worrying about doing the same to your own children is very comendable to me. But just realizing such a thing may possibly happen will most likely stop you from doing it.

I was raised that there is no such thing as sin. So I personally have never had to deal with this in the raising of my children. It was explained to me that sin is doing something you know as wrong, and if you know it's wrong or against your personal morals would you really do it? Which I of course answer of course not. So if you never do anything that you see as wrong, how can you have sinned. I had a really cool Granny you

I raised my children very simply. Take responsibility for your actions, whether they be good actions or bad. It seems to have worked. 4 grown and all happy healthy humans. Of course I still have one teen at home that is going thru that dense But she has a good soul and is finding her power. So I'm confedent she will turn out just as good if not better than her sibs.

Thanks for the article by the way. Stupidity of the abrahamic religions never seem to stop amazing me.


The whole you-are-a-freak-of-nature-because-your-parents-had-sex-to-conceive-you-and-sex-is-a-sin schpiel makes me sick.  Literally, it makes my stomach churn like there's something in it my body can't pass into my gut and therefore must reject with great force.  Thankfully I haven't eaten yet, otherwise my desk would be a fair bit more messy than it is now.  I've lost my appetite anyhow.


The whole "forgiving the children for being molested" thing is a load of shit.  I could see it if they were child-prostitutes or otherwise blatantly advertising their bodies to the priests with the express desire that they be sexually touched, but I do not see that here.  These children were/are as involved with the religious community as many of those priests (not as visible, they do/did not get paid).  They probably do/did have aspirations of priesthood at some point, possibly idolizing their attackers before being accosted.  The whole "he is my pastor, he is a good man, he knows, lives and teaches the Word of God, I want to be like him when I grow up because he's cooler than my dad!" that those children probably gleefully shouted with all their enthusiasm and innocence turned into cries of pain, terror and a deep soul-hurt they'll never truly overcome, merely learn to live with.  Something they never should have had to experience in the first place.


There is no excuse for pedophilia.  There is no excuse for sexual violence of any kind.


Ok, I'm done bitching for now.



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