The concept of a "Master Alphabet," please share your thoughts.

Someone in chat had questions about a binding rune, which is essentially a sigil made from basic runes.

They brought up a few charts in comparison, one of a basic rune chart, shown here, the 24 basic runes;

Then brought up some binding runes aka sigils, some recognizably made up of the above runes, but with a few peculiarities...

Now some of these binding runes have other "basic" runes in there that are curved.  However, no "basic" rune has curved lines, which hints at the possibility there are other "basic" runes being used, that do not show up in the standard 24.

Could it be possible that there are more than 24 runes, and perhaps these other runes were "hidden?"

Writer Grant Morrison proposed a similar idea in his graphic novel "The Invisibles;"  The concept of a "master alphabet" that composed of more letters than what we currently have in the alphabet, and that the current 26 letters spell out the name of a demon that enslaves humanity.

The concept of a demon enslaving humanity, I'll leave that to you to give it worth or not.  But if each letter in the alphabet represents an idea, a concept, and the general public is only introduced to 26, or 24 as the case may be, it could limit them, in a sense casting a "spell" on them.  But having access to the entire "master alphabet," with concepts hidden from the public, only known to a few, or perhaps lost to time itself...

What are your thoughts on this concept?  Do you think there are more than just 24 runes, runes that most don't know about?

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Interesting and plausible, There are some Orders that operate in shadows and cloak and dagger that have runes and such that they do not share due to the volatility of the application of them. As for lost to time? No, just kept hidden and guarded.

That is quite possible.  Orders keep secrets from the public for a reason, usually because the general public cannot handle the concepts involved.  This topic has always fascinated me ever since I was introduced to it.

I have not read that book. However I have made my own form of bind runes and sigils from time to time, although you need to consider that there is not that much information about bind runes except for the ones whom were developed in the early 1200's in Iceland which you have above. Runes were the main alphabet that was used to mark property, and at this time in history common messages, but I do believe those who used runes for both regular communications and sigil protections. Were fully able to add their own "ties" for then to complete the function and intention.

So you suggest that runes may have been created in the absence of ones convenient for the intention?  That is also possible as well.

Well consider the amount of "trouble" the church had with many of the people whom had made themselves known by casting and carving protectional runes onto a baby's cradle to prevent fairies from switching it with a changeling. That one useful bind rune that would help you to always find your way home. The more "secret" was in plain sight of the church itself. They were none the wiser, and similar sigils were in fact used all the way up to the early 20th century. Not much the church could do either..

The church has always been threatened by personal spiritual development.  It's common knowledge confessionals were used to report activities to the Vatican, and may still very well be doing so.  Keeping things hidden in plain sight would have been a valuable tool in preserving culture and personal beliefs.

If you look into how "clever" many monk orders were to actually write and re adapt old charms and binding spells of sorts as self home remedy books for the common people. Since not everyone could afford a doctor, names used in incantations along with a sigil or elixir...were now applied with more biblical and saint apropriated names. So the "secrets" were continued with just that

To be fair, I think a lot of cultures "adapted" and changed previous ideas to fit their own beliefs, so that was nothing new.  That still happens with a lot of us here, although we tend to be more honest about this fact.

Something else to consider are the sigils (runes) of other systems.  I personally have used Enochian binding sigils in the past and they have served me well.  And they do have circles and curves.

Do you think they borrowed other "runes" from another system?  That's a thought.  Tho I don't think it was Enochian, since that was a 15th century discovery, maybe there were other systems for them to borrow from.

I can't tell you the origin of these modified runes but I can tell you that Grant Morrison has been inspired by Peter Carroll and Austin Osman Spare among others.  Grant is into sigils big time and his graphic novel as you probably know was a type of hyper sigil.  In the works of Austin Osman Spare, Spare talks about a master alphabet, the alphabet of desire that I believe he developed. Chapter Six of Practical Sigil Magic covers the Alphabet of Desire in some detail. There is info in Liber Null as well.

Hope that helps.

Wow, ty TC.  I just ordered a couple of books, have to add that to my shopping list.


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