I was watching an episode of “Hoarders” on Youtube the other day and the hoarder was theorized to be possessed by the spirit of a dead boy. This was revealed to her by her boyfriend who was a hypnotist. Following a hunch, he hypnotized his fiancé to discover if she was possessed by the spirit of the dead. She was once a licensed clinical psychologist who worked for the government counseling returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. Something changed her and she lost her certification as a psychologist and her personality changed.

I’ve heard of the dead possessing the living. In Vietnam the people believe that angry ghosts of the five million dead from the Vietnam War afflict the living through possession. One case was of an American GI who came back from Vietnam possessed by an angry ghost. He would even speak in fluent Vietnamese while he was sleeping.

I believe in this phenomenon. I’ll go one step further and state that I believe a person can be temporarily possessed by the spirit of a living individual when they are astral traveling during sleep or meditation.

Do you believe in the dead possessing the living?

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Spirits can possess humans but not dead people just other entity's 

I have heard the theory that the spirits of heavy drinkers haunt their favourite bar after death. They do this in order to temporarily possess the living so that they can once again enjoy the experience of drinking and/or getting drunk. In such cases the living do not know they are being temporarily possessed.

I have also read about some living (and "unknown") artists who claim that the spirits of long dead (and well known) painters temporary possess them and help them create artwork. This seems to happen with the living artists prior knowledge and consent. In such cases the artwork produced resembles that of the deceased artist rather than the living one.

I believe such things are possible.

Good points Karen.

There are also mediums who allow themselves to be possessed by the dead in order for the dead to have a means of communication with the living.

I guess mediums do so I believe that is possible


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