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Before the debate: 41% FOR 25% AGAINST 34% UNDECIDED After the debate: 36% FOR 55% AGAINST 9% UNDECIDED

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All Religions that do not recognize the One Law, will inevitably end up killing lots of people in the name of their particular "God".

Here is my quote that I like to use: I have seen variants of it elsewhere (and possibly even here on PaganSpace)

I do not bow or bend my knee to my gods. Instead, I open my arms, embracing them.

I do not beg them to do things for me, instead asking to be empowered and to teach me, so that I might achieve them for myself.

Basically the One Law recognizes the absolute right of a consciousness to exist: "I have the right to live my life as I well please as long as I never abrogate the right of anyone else to the same."


All Abrahamic Religions reject the One Law, and are therefore prone to wreak death and destruction.  Islam is doing what Christianity did 1000 years ago.  The only problem is that the weapons of a thousand years ago were not as potent as they are today.

And lets now try to say that "Rhetoric is equivalent to Action" - I may say various things and those things may eventually cause actions to be taken that are horrendous, but it is the actual actors who do the deeds.  How much responsibility do the those who speak have verses those who do chopping off heads?

I'm so glad that PaganSpace has allowed itself to become dominated by Islamic Proselytizing.   Is this what we read PaganSpace for?   Is this what PaganSpace is for? 

Nobody here has tried to convert you. Jesus Christ.

 Is this what PaganSpace is for? 

If you look at the header it reads" All beliefs are welcome."

Now aside from that I find discussion of this manner healthy.No one has tried to proselytize.Even if they did you could simply ignore the tread and go on with life.

All beliefs are not welcome. If you're anti-racist, you will be attacked by the regs, who will then be backed up by the Mod, lol...

Don't be deceived. This is just another online social clique full of people with no lives who bloat their egos by prancing about all puffed-up online, name-calling and chortling with their friends.

This is why this site as is so common has few adherents and few participants.

Dilettantes! Hypocrites!

Don't expect much. They even defend racist Asatru Nazis, including those who came to my town to commit mayhem!


"Beliefs" in this case are instituted by the owner as an all-inclusive, in other words.  A website that does not deny Christians or any other belief system for that matter.  That said, you're not fooling the readership here.  An appeal to authority won't make your case either because clearly, the site has a Terms of Service and Rules of Engagement.

It's not that a person will be 'attacked' for having a dissenting opinion, it's that users like you attempt to say that they were 'attacked' by having a different opinion.  So long as you stay within the Terms of Service, there is nothing to address.  If by 'Back up by a Mod' is meant to convey, bias.  Weak.  It's clearly with regard to the Terms of Service, and you have been issued a formal warning.

"simply ignore the t"h"read and go on with life."

No, no,no...:
1. Use internet
2. Voluntarily surf here
3. Get butthurt
4.Contact admin.
5. Get butthurt form
6. Cry in vicious pain as thou dost recount thine own butthurtedness
7. Take time to use electronic correspondence once again
8. Wait patiently as other people pretend to give a shit
9. Delete your free account here
10. bitch and moan how this is the only place to go online
11. Create catfishing accounts
12. Go Catfishing
13. Bitch when others use your speech patterns to determine your identity
14. If butthurtedness still has not subsided repeat starting at step 1

I don't think it's Proselytizing to have a discussion and maintain one's position. It just means that person has a strong conviction and can't be swayed by feelings.

Unfortunately you're not swayed by logic... or facts.

By all means, present your case.  All I've read from you is crying and complaining.


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