People who had a strong conviction in the existence of ESP are (sheep) and they had positive results with ESP tests. The others who rejected any belief in ESP are (goats) and consequently they scored lower on ESP tests.
from Belief in the Paranormal: A Review of the Empirical Literature as reviewed in The Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research Vol 87 January 1993 Issue No. 1

After having reached out to past posters on old forums about psi and paranormal and received nada in return. I think people may be gun-shy of this topic as it arouses a real polarized debate between logic and intuition, the rational and the paranormal and things quite quickly devolve into personal attacks. If you feel you'd like to share and need a safe environment to do so, I will moderate as best as I can, but please know I have no official mod status here in ps.

It still would be really great if you might kick in a response about your psi ability and/or experience that was out of the ordinary. 

My first example happened when I was a teen. It was a 'portent' sound that which rode on the multi layered sound of breaking glass. I did convey the message it held but to no avail. The person for whom the message was directed did not heed my explicit warning and died a few hours later.

My experience involved a retro wall phone, speaking with an ordinary man at the same time that there was this distortion effect of increasing volume. The man became frustrated with me, "Are you there?" "Are you awake?" Obviously he could not hear it.

The sound began like that of a prototype resonance/audio generating device or similar to that of an angelic choir gone semi-goth metal and of incredible harmony. (words limit my ability to describe this). This rapidly built and crescendoed into the climax of the phenomena of a multi-dimensional sound of breaking glass, like two galaxies colliding which made a domino effect, cascading and creating a visual image for me to see in my mind's eye. All I saw was a cascade of an immense wall of glass breaking in slow motion. It heralded a message for me to convey, the man to whom this warning was directed was not to go into work that day. As, I said he did not heed this message, and died on the job. A piece of material from the site where he worked, pierced the glass and broke through the windshield and killed him in the driver's seat.

It was a front page news article and included the words, "Freak Accident."

Now, I know this is a high level event that I have shared, but I do have a few others that approach a more moderate level of experience. I am curious to discover if there are other clairaudient people around who would be willing to share their experiences either in this forum or through "In Box". And I know that I am an exception because typical clairaudient people are musically gifted whereas I am not.

This first video most closely represents my physical 'sound' experience.

With the second video, because it is near Halloween and sort of on topic I thought I would share it.

Hope this reaches the ears of those who can relate to psi sounds and psi hearing.

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The Albuquerque public library -main branch- has a

encyclopedia of science and tech I used for research on

subliminal messaging.

PSI is also a label for -pre sentence investigation-

Hope this helps. also extra sensory exotica the study

of the senses of creatures, bats, dolphins, etc and the differences

between humans. creatures feeling the vibrations before a storm or


   Practice makes one better!    

omg -  David J. Mcessey - wow this list is freaking amazing ! - a thousand thank yous !! 'scuse me while I disappear down the rabbit hole for a while

 You are welcome

Here is another;

This school along with the old Soviet unions para-psychology

studies are some of the best. 

David, Trying to balance and tame my exponential knowledge gain, here. You are amazing; you remind me of Mercury moving between worlds, swift in flight and delivering a message from the Gods. Blessings for you and yours .. .

This stuff exists people just..(says in Jack Nicholson voice)cant handle the gonna watch this topic for now and see how it evolves very interesting to see this though:P

Log: Nov. 11 06 15  Belief in ESP is reported to affect performance in laboratory ESP tasks: Believers tend to yield above-chance scores in these tasks, whereas disbelievers seemingly use ESP to obtain below-chance scores in a self-contradictory endeavor to demonstrate that psi does not exist (Lovitts, 1981; Palmer,  1971; Schmeidler & McConnell, 1958).

Do you think that believing it so makes it so?

to a degree yes if i didnt believe in mountains and some told me hey man thats  a mountain id be like no its a trapeeze or whatever but if i believed it was a mountain then i would be correct

yeah that's a piece of  truth - thanks Luci, you are offering a real situation to which one can 'test,' one's beliefs.

when things confirm what we already know, then we 'feel' we are right. we also go for those things that we can most easily confirm and which fit our already held beliefs. so for most people even in a non-lab setting, they have a bias towards things they are already familiar with. anything too far out of a person's confirmation zone, or comfort zone (lol) the more they are uncomfortable with it. this is called, 'confirmation bias,' it is the most widely applied rebuttal against esp. however in the lab setting above, this provides support for numbers 1 and 2 below:

1) that the people in the test conditions already have an invested belief either for or against esp - so 'belief,' in something means we can 'act' in accordance with that held belief. that belief = pushing the odds towards the 'belief,' system they already hold

2) people also tend to construct patterns of associations where they try and apply logic or patterning to a situation where there is no underlying logic, reasoning or pattern. in other words, where there are random and chaotic underpinnings, people will tend towards imposing structure, logic, rules or order when there are none. The Wason experiment gave test subjects a list of numbers, "4, 6, 8," that they could then use as a base to test out if a rule applied. they then ordered these numbers in varying degrees of mathematical patterns in various ways, until they thought they had hit on the answer, and they then said, "that they had solved the problem or found the answer." most of them although they were permitted to do so, did not ask questions of the researchers. most of them came up with ways to logically impose order on their set of numbers and believed in their rules/formula. Meanwhile, there had been only one simple rule of, "That the numbers should always increase." This nullified their reasoning as they did not look to disprove the hypothesis; and they did not ask questions. instead they looked for answers that confirmed their set of numbers. I am of the assumption that people who are sheep have a tendency to ask more questions - that is my bias for including this example as proof of ESP.

I'm looking into getting access to this research paper

Matter in all its forms is energy. E= m/c2. Sci/Fi has some interesting stories on the

Energy creatures. Wesley and the Traveler took fans to a realm where thought becomes

reality. The ability to traverse the 'out world' is a mater of creative visualization.

 Frank Herbert in Dune writes one possibility with the help of mélange.   this is the high

energy physics article on the relationship between us and the cosmic rays, including geo-rays.

 I figure it is a matter of comprehending the experiences and putting into a graphical picture that

can be seen then put into words.

 A young bird either flies on crashes. be careful of success!!

David, now I have to confess I was a STNG nerd and I instantly knew what you were referring to. Same with your Dune reference, the Spacing Guild and the spice. Really like the easy to understand explanation of the science of particle psychics and the body. Found an interesting study that looks at earth's electromagnetic field and psi abilities. 

Here is another Rabbit Whole;

this is One of many that were around before the money GRUBBER'S  trashed the net. 1996


The Physics of Collective Consciousness

by Attila Grandpierre
Attila Grandpierre, Ph.D. Konkoly Observatory of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
H-1525 Budapest P. O. Box 67., Hungary
February 6, 1996

ABSTRACT: It is pointed out that the organisation of an organism necessarily involves fields which are the only means to make an approximately simultaneous tuning of the different subsystems of the organism-as-a-whole. Nature uses the olfactory fields, the acoustic fields, the electromagnetic fields and quantum-vacuum fields. Fields with their ability to comprehend the whole organism are the natural basis of a global interaction between organisms and of collective consciousness. Evidences are presented that electromagnetic potential fields mediate the collective field of consciousness. This result offers for the first time experimental access to the study of collective consciousness by measuring the field-related information-carrying potentials and their derivatives, the electric and magnetic fields between different individuals. The electrodynamic interaction of different brains/minds generates induction and in this way excitement, enhancement in the baseline of the interacting brains’ activity. A list of empirical evidences is presented here proving the existence of this ‘interactive excitement’ effect in the known phenomenon of collective consciousness. The fundamental phenomenon of the collective consciousness is known as ‘social facilitation’ or ‘group effect’. The character and completion of consciousness are outlined in the frame of this picture, and the role of the ‘group effect’ or ‘social facilitation’ as a primary factor in developing consciousness is described. A quantum-physical model of a multi-layered consciousness is presented, where the layering is expressed by the subsequent subtlety of the masses of the material carriers of information. I show that as the mental levels get deeper and more sensitive the couplings are on more and more global scales of their environment. I point out that direct, immediate action in distance actually exists in the electromagnetic field, which is the coupling, mediator field between waves and particles. I show how the environmental, natural and cosmic fields are determinative sources of our consciousness. The results presented point out that the Collective Field of Consciousness is a significant physical factor of the biosphere. I show that the morphogenetic field has an electromagnetic (EM) nature. EM fields are vacuum fields. Different basic forms of vacuum fields exist, and all kinds of fields, including the particle-mediated fields as well, when overlapping each other, seem to be in a direct resonant coupling, and form a complex, merged biofield. The vacuum model of consciousness presented here points to the inductive generation of consciousness, and to its self-initiating nature. Individual and collective methods, as well as the experimental possibilities of a global healing and improving the consciousness field of mankind are suggested.

Read more:


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