What if any, are your thoughts on the GOP in regards to the way they seem to be dealing w/ the healthcare issue?

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That makes two of us.
The GOP's not trying to bankrupt the nation over an issue that's easily solved for a fraction of the time, effort, and price.

The Democrats are.

Obama's been largely ignoring the economy for a year now. His stimulus plan was a bunch of pork projects and under-the-table Welfare giveaways. It's been ineffective and the White House response has been to accuse veterans of being "Right-wing domestic terrorists."
Congress is ruled with a heavy hand by the same Democrats who got into office by promising campaign reform and then immediately blocking efforts to investigate their own finances. The same people who created the sub-prime loan catastrophe are in charge of dividing the nation's wealth amongst themselves and tossing crumbs to an extremely noisy, underproductive segment of society to the direct detriment of every single other segment of society... and they freely admit they don't care and you can't stop them.

I work in hospitals. You fix Health Care by reining in Medicare costs, establishing tort reform, and emplacing a national medical records system.
You also kill the "Emergency Rooms Are Free Clinics" attitude.
Next, you eliminate the Federally-mandated racial hiring quotas in hospitals.

There. I just saved thousands of lives and billions of dollars, per state, per year. All it cost was money the salaried Fed employees who write the paperwork would receive any way. It can be done in a single year, with the exception of the medical records network, which would take a few years because of the necessary trial period we would all want the software and training to undergo any way.

The GOP has made many blunders over the years. Protesting the hugely expensive wasted Obamacare effort is NOT one of them.
I am a Republican, but I sort of resent your comment about the "Emergency Rooms are Free Clincs" attitude. There are many, many people in the US who do not have insurance and either cannot get it through their work place, or simply cannot afford it. So are those unfortunate people less deserving of medical attention just because they are poor? I think not. Whatever happened to the attitude that the patient was more important than the almighty dollar? I guess, just like everything that used to be good about this country, it is unfortunately a thing of the past.

Just wanted to add that, though I make pretty good money (around $16 an hour) and I have insurance, I am right now in a bad financial state and am living from paycheck to paycheck. Sometimes I can't even afford the $15 copay that my insurance requires me to pay, so i have to suffer through any illnesses I get. Luckily my partner and I qualify for Ryan White, or we wouldn't even be able to afford my partner's HIV meds, which are ASTRONOMICALLY expensive - around $1500 for a 30 day supply!
Herne, how much did your vodka and orange juice tonight cost? I suspect there's a copayment in there.

You're being disingenuous at best if you think assumed sympathy for your partner means people will forget that lowering health care costs means lowering health care costs. His costs, too, in case you overlooked that little part.

ERs are not free clinics, and not everybody who uses them as such is a poor unfortunate who cannot afford insurance. Druggies, illegal aliens, lazy sods who won't go to a corner store for aspirin: do you think those people do not exist? They exist in droves.

I went for years without insurance. Twice I had to go to ERs (with serious conditions). You know what happened? They billed me and I paid. Problem solved.
You raise good points also, Ember. Funding community clinics and controlling rabid lawyers would do wonders at all levels of society.
I work on the edges of the healthcare industry....I actually provide all the medical forms in a lit of different facilities. I agree completely with all of the solutions listed. There are MANY healthcare facilities that spend over a million dollars a year on paper forms.

I also have a SERIOUS ethical problem with healthcare for profit. There's something wrong when fully ONE THIRD of the american economy is healthcare.....that dosen't mean we take our health seriously....it just means that it's F**kall expensive to get the care you need when things get bad. It's a problem that isn't going to be fixed any time soon because the people in charge are making a lot of money off of it.
lmao..so i bet ur a person who believes making health care a LAW and making it something that u can be fined for and even go to jail for if u don't do it the "Pelosi" way..legal?? cause if so..u are reading the Constitution upside down..and i hope they DO pass the law..because the FIRST person they fine..will sue the shit out of the Government..and if it goes to the Supreme Court..they will win it.

Since when did America become the Home of "the poor do not deserve to be poor..and the rich do not deserve to be rich?" So what..we should all be middle class JUST to make the poor happy?? I am sorry..but truly..screw that. I AM not rich..I WORK my ass off..I live paycheck to paycheck..and i CERTAINLY do not think it is my rich neighbor's responsibility to PAY for MY ass.. When u take from the rich..and give to the poor..the rich..are no longer rich..so WHAT do u do then? THEY PAY our salaries..so if they can no longer do that..what do we have then??MORE Unemplyment??Government regulated Employment???? Shall i begin to address everyone as Comrade also?? The Government..cannot even regulate Medicare and Medicaid..Hell..they cannot even get Social Security under control..and u expect them to be able to regulate ALL of healthcare??
Part of the problem is that healthcare is already over regulated. The cost of ensuring compliance (in Wisconsin, every year, nursing homes must submit to a team including a nurse, an architect, and 2 other people in order to renew their licenses) certainly increases health care costs, the fines for noncompliance (one facility just got hit with $75,000 for serving three eggs...they were cooked, but were not pasteurized...now go to your grocery store and try to find pasteurized eggs) DEFINITELY increase the amounts that must be charged to patients. I routinely work in places that charge $200 a day for shoddy care, and up to $1000 a day for good care.
Another part of the problem is over-prescribing of drugs. If someone is 90 years old...I expect them to feel tired. Doctors, however, order a Multivitamin, a B Vitamin, Iron pills, and so on...this runs up the price more (multiply it times 90patients in a house, x 365 days a year, times decades per patient...). Doctors do this to show that they are addressing the patient's problem ("I feel tired") to escape lawsuits and government reviews.
Tort reform would lower health-care costs greatly.
actually, there are industrialized nations worse than us, but no postindustrial nations (which is what we are, postindustrial, no longer simply industrial)
Im glad i dont live in America as i need lots of medicines and consultant appointments etc ,I pay a dental plan each month but not for hospital treatment and drugs . I would probably be dead by now .
I am for Universal Health Care. After going a year paying for health insurance but not be able to use it because of a pre-existing condition. Going several years with no insurance and waiting to get better and only getting worse and ending up in the ER. I have seen all sides of this spectrum. Currently I am in a job where I make decent money, but things are still tight for me. I make too much to go to a Clinic and my insurance doesn't cover anything so if I go to a reguler Docter I end up paying $300 or more out of pocket.


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