What if any, are your thoughts on the GOP in regards to the way they seem to be dealing w/ the healthcare issue?

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Going to a clinic if you're "white" right now can be a surreal situation. My mother got turned away some years back when she had really strong flu. She be made too much monies.

She was unemployed at the time.
Cause the Democrats would never lie, lmao. They are all politicians, if you see their lips move, it's probably a lie. Both the Democratic and Republican parties need to be completely overhauled. Terms limits set for office, a salary comparable to what they feel the rest of us should be able to live on, housing provided by the gov't, let them live in the places that the people they are supposed to serve live. Bet that there would be major changes to housing right away. Make it a federal crime to accept any kind of "perk" from the lobbyists/big business/special interests with a mandatory 15 year jail term in a real prison, not the Club fed ones that are like a vacation resort.
I'll vote for you

Few misnomers about the present helath care "reform" If it were the socialist type that Canada and the UK have I would be all for it but it is noting like those systems.

It is mandatory health care insurance like we have mandatory car insurance the only difference is one can chose not to drive where as one cannot always chose not to get sick. Just like we have to show proof of car insurance to even get a license we will soon have some similar requirements for health care insurance.

The socialist systems are paid for by tax dollars where as all the citizen have to do is show proof of citizenship and possibly evidence of their provinces. I have not a freaking clue where people come to the notion that what Obama enacted was in any way form or fashion a socialist system! I am guessing because they really don't know what a socialist system is. . . for those who are unsure - our police our schools and our fire departments are socialist style systems. . . our car insurance laws are a racket that should be illegal - we are getting screwed royally due to public ignorance and failure to know wtf they are arguing

How in the hell does any one who has read even a brief out line of this bill come up with insurance companies being against it - it is a damn gift to them. It requires people as in all US citizens to buy health insurance and if you can not afford it you will be fined.

What do I think of the GOPs health care reform - I am unsure if there are words enough in all the languages of the world combined to describe my disgust.
They are against the government having a public option which means they will have to compete with the government. {which is counter capitalist - btw} The mandatory aspect,I am sure they are all for it. ... However you are correct I did fail to write that as clearly as I should
Do you mean the "Black Panthers" with clubs at the doors of some polling places in what they hoped would be high vote getting places?
Yes the democrats do use fear, same as the republicans do. Review some of the political ads from the campaigns, it was all about making people afraid, afraid not to vote for this candidate or that one. They were even using the fear tactics during the primaries against members of their own party.
once again..check ur own back pocket..with the lying thing..if u wish..i will pull up the quote from the campaign speech in which Obama..stated very clearly that he would never make Health care a law..also..i can pull up his address to the nation in which he stated he would not cover illegal immigrants..and then his speech the next day..ADDRESSING the issue again..but this time to Reps of the Hispanic districts..in the speech the next day..he stated that he would not insure illegal immigrants..he would instead give them legal status..thus making them eligible .. SO ..u TELL me where the lying is going on..he left that GIANT piece of a sentence OUT of his initial address to the nation.
And all they would have to do to become so would be fill out the paperwork. ET could land and become a US citizen.
If he has followed the laws on immigration, I have no problem with the cute little guy becomes a citizen. Everyone should follow the rules. Just look what happened since 1492 with all these aliens coming in without rules! People everywhere taking over everything.
Nope, all of you who came here since 1492 should pack up and leave!
I fear you're correct and that's regardless of which side of the aisle they sit on! And remember the VP is the President of the Senate, so he goes too!!!!!!!!!!
GOP, Democrat, tomato tomato from what I can tell, they're all in the pockets of Big Insurance/Big Pharma, so if you want to know why all this seems to be going nowhere fast and nowhere good, follow the money trail! Our President took more in special interest campaign financing from drug and insurance companies than anyone else ever! Oh, but he had it all "bundled" so he could pretend all of his financing was coming from public contributions, when in fact even his record contributions from private citizens accounted for only a small fraction of all the money he took in! So, no, I don't trust him or any other bought-and-paid-for politician to do anything in my best interests.


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