It is had to belive in these days and time people still frow apon pagans and there families.How can we show them we mean no harm?

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Are we always sure we mean no harm?
I hope that we stay ture to the word and harm none but where i live they would rather burn me then just talk to me.And it is not just me it is the large group of pagans in my town that fell trapped at home going out mit be the last time we go out.
Then YOU all need to get empowered,go to the local watering hole and have a rowdy ole time!! people make their own prisons,darling....... I harm those that piss me off too
This is the lot of it, If we can help,educate,great,if NOT ,then stand up.
I think it's more of a problem of getting them to see it that way. People only see/hear what they want to. So, reguardless of how nice or harmless we might be, some people just don't want to see it.

I don't personally run into much of this, but i'm sure it happens and it sucks for those who do.
I see plenty of it still. But then I also tend to see these folks hating much, much more than just what I stand for. Sometimes they seem to hate themselves too. They can turn on each other like a pack starving wild dogs.
Where abouts? I'm in the Mid-West, and no one seems to care all that much here. More of a mind your own business mentality i suppose.
I've seen it from individuals, primarily. It didn't seem to matter where. I got it from a guy I rented an apartment to years ago. He almost didn't rent it because he thought I was a 'devil worshipper'. But somehow I managed to impress him that I wasn't one. He was from Chicago.

Another was a group of fundamentalist women who were traveling through our town. They had stopped at a park where I was taking a break at. They saw a bumper sticker on my car (a pentacle) and they went bat-shit yelling and screaming that I was going to hell and the like, (the usual banter). When I just sat there and laughed at them, they eventually freaked out and piled in their van and took off.

I live in the SouthWest at the moment. I have seen it in the west (colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska), and the East (Florida). I got quite a bit in the North East (New hampshire, Conneticut and Massachusetts), which surprised me.
I'm in Michigan and i haven't come across all that much of it. I don't advertise, persay, but i don't make it a major secret either.
I too live in Michigan and I come across it alot. I have had friend who I was close to for years drop me like a hot pan of water when I come out of the broom closet and told them. Plus the little towns that surround me are filled with very highly prejudice people and they are not afraid to voice it either. :(

I just usually ignore them but when they get too personal about it I just simply say: "If you can't OPEN your mind...then SHUT your mouth!" and then walk away. It works most times...hehehe
GREAT come back!! WW! I like it!!
I've always encouraged the curious!! Thats a fine thing!! I enjoy talking about my path anytime and to anyone.


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