It is had to belive in these days and time people still frow apon pagans and there families.How can we show them we mean no harm?

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Fine idea,fine thought.........
It takes all kinds to make the world go round. The good bad and the ugly. I once saw a farside comic that was a picture of God, he had just created the earth and was shaking a pepper shaker over it. The label on the shaker read IDIOTS.

The truth is, we can't control what kind of people we encounter any more than we can control the weather. The task given to us is to survive and thrive. I see and hear so much negativity from people today. I say each day you wake up breathing is a new chance to change your life. You cannot choose who you meet, but you can choose who you surround yourself with. The more positive people, things and energies that you surround yourself with, the less you care about the idiots you encounter.

Don't get me wrong, pagan discrimination is terrible, but will exist just like so many other forms of discrimination. Those of us who believe that people are people, no matter what color, race or creed need to teach our children and any one else who will listen. Discrimination wasn't developed over night and it will not dissipate any faster than it was formed.

Be patient pagans, the world she is a changing. If not for us, at least for our children and their children.
"The good, the bad, and the ugly", huh? I KNOW I fit at least TWO of those catagories!
Talking of hate, for all you Satan Haters, please go *HERE*

I really don't HATE's just that he's owed me a lot of money for a real long time, and he won't return my calls. I think he's dodging me...
Why not just kick their asses? It's one thing when they just talk shit, but it's a whole nother game when these shitheads get physical. Especially out in public, and in front of children no less! That's just a whole new level of rude. Or, if you're in to peace and non-violance, why not call the cops.
Or my personal favorate retaliation idea; give'm something to really be afraid of.
I don't know about the rest of you, but I would bever want to be associated with some one who acted with such extremes out of simple fear and suspicion.
I dont think its folks she hangs out with.........
I agree with Celiclass...stand up. Though many I am around like to shrink away if I happen to say I'm Pagan a little "too" loud, I don't not acknowledge my true self. I go through enough crap at my job, which in this economy I don't really argue about the discrimination part...yet, that I won't deal with it in my private life. Thankfully, I live in the Pacific Northwest and it's relatively open minded. There are plenty of people of differing backrounds that I don't feel like an outsider. Not that I belong to any "group" per se... Of course when it comes to my highly conservative family, instead of butting heads with them I'll walk first. My husband usually follows me, so they know to back off already. I don't question them left and right about their beliefs or their personal rituals so mine are equally off limits to them. Okay, gotta get off the soap box before I get a nose bleed from the height. El
Aye,the family can be touchy at times. Davids LARGE Catholic family has everything from an ASssembly of God Minister to me and when we get together we DO talk religion over beers!!
Pissing contets are one thing,discusson onthe reality of being Pagan IS something else,unless folk talk up and educate,those that ask,those children's children remain ignorant. To sit back and be complacent is not for me. I dont piss into the wind,however,the Goddess gave me a mouth and wisdom to help dispel bs too. I do this when I can.
The only way is by our actions and that may still not be enough.


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