It is had to belive in these days and time people still frow apon pagans and there families.How can we show them we mean no harm?

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I don't think it is at all hard to see that times haven't changed, people have been intolerant (In general) of beliefs and thoughts that vary from their own; why not though, to 'accept' or allow that other thoughts exists may in some opinions invalidate their own -- It is silly to think... I don't think that there is any way to show these people that 'you' mean no harm, they believe what they believe and nothing or nobody is going to change their minds.
Thats not true. I have changed the minds of people,especially those that are open minded a bit and have a belief in their own self and their roots. Many folk dont even know their own history,as far as witches,faeries,in their own Nationality. I've talked to many Irish and Scottish folk,that are way more accepting now than they were because of their own history and being willining to listen. when we give up hope,we give up,not for me!!


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