I have read a lot of statements about keeping Wicca traditional? What tradition are they talking about? Anyone can fill in the blanks?

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You mean beyond the fact that "wicca" is barely over 60 years old, and is just a another new age spawn from the 60's ?

So?  A new tradition, is still a tradition.

Just because it's new doesn't mean it's invalid.

More like spawn of the occult revival, and a bit older than 60 years, making it a legit mystery tradition none the less...

In Europe thisis mostly a reference to the Gardnerian&Alexandrian traditions, and in North America a couple more derivatives. Amber&Jet describes them well.

I think it's a compound question and answer. Wicca is an initiative religion when the majority of Wiccans do not follow it. It's like rolling a boulder uphill to keep it traditional.

That's the core argument.  Then they aren't Wiccans.  Neo-Wicca is like the left over gossip of a coffee clatch. 

I prefer studying the traditional path of the craft. It has some interesting concepts, but I see learning more from everything. I can respect wiccans as long as they do not tell me all witches have to be wiccan. The new wiccans remind me of catholics for some reason.

More than likely they were - they don't have a pagan worldview (yet?).

I do not think it is so much a pagan worldview, but more there is so much information out there that we have to look harder through the bad stuff to find the good stuff. This can be hard on anyone when they are just starting the path. You really do have to do a lot of research just to understand what has been going on related to the craft.

Curious. What do you mean by a "pagan worldview" and why do you believe an oathbound priesthood needs to have one (or indeed, several)?

When has any witch claimed that all witches have to be Wiccan?  That's strange, it's usually that 'All Witches are not Wiccan' or something like that.

I doubt any BTW would tell you that "all witches have to be wiccan". That sounds very much more like non-initiate, Neo-Wiccan type of statements. 


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