The knock out game? Thoughts?

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This is a story of poor shot placement.  The Computer or the Engine is the target to put a stop to these animals.  If they survive, they can attack someone else.  

How'd that lead enema taste?

The little creep should have gotten a bigger taste, Puff!

Pure ignorance and stupidity, trying to impress all the wrong people....

I had two friends from high school who would go clubbing a lot. The one guy (B) liked to goof off and tease others. One day B was bugging T and T asked him to quit it and warned him he would punch him in the head if he didn't quit it.... B was drunk and carried on. T was drunk and followed through. T punched B in his head, knocked him out. B never woke up...........and these two were friends........ all it takes is one shot in the right/wrong spot to end someones life...

That kid in the video is lucky he's not facing an involuntary manslaughter charge.....and that 'daddys' bullets didn't kill him....

This used to be called 'wilding' back in the late 80's into the 90's. Several people died from it, and some teens mixed it with rape. That teen got off easy, too easy. He should be serving hard time. What he committed was premeditated assault. Maybe 5 to 10 in the pen will wake him up, cause he doesn't seen too concerned about his sentence. In today's ghetto culture prison time is a status symbol. So he's thinking about all the bragging he'll be able to do when he gets out.

Just more proof the idiots have won the culture wars.

Just crazy extreme violence. I know  some people died from it. Makes me want to carry a gun.


Good for her.......


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