The knock out game? Thoughts?

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Fictional stories can be true, if there's a good lesson in them...

Just crazy!

I saw on TV that this clip was from Russia and it was called something else.  They didn't slap her, one guy put out his arm and cold-cocked her.  They didn't plan on her boyfriend being badass enough to kick both their asses.

.I curse their sorry,ugly asses and spirit with no regrets

I agree.  Knocking someone out means assault.  You are hitting someone hard enough that their brain bumps up against their skull.  It can kill them or cause brain injury and damage.  It's not a 'game'.  It's a crime and deserves serious jail time.

EXACTLTY what it is.......a crime,done intentionally to physically hurt someone

Got their asses handed to them. Love it.

they do it,because they can and have no human fellow feeling......why some people deserve to be cursed.....especially the low life that did this to a 76 year olde man in London and he died.....I curse their sorry,ugly asses and spirit with no regrets

Just crazy!   I once got attacked by a person while I was working in the garden get this  with a hammer in my hand guess what the hammer came LOL! he went to jail for a long time.

Just sad that people  do this?

Yes, it is sad that people put so little value on their fellow humans.

Read story. I knew this would end up happening.

I agree, punishment should be harsh.

Back in my day the knock out game was a game we played where we made each-other faint by holding our breathe and letting someone push on our chest.


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