I'm not sure if this is the right place for this 'plug' for a great place I love visiting, but I feel it deserves some advertising because it is so useful, and unfortunately rare. Apologies if I shouldn't be 'plugging' at all!! But can't keep it to myself!

I know many people use online sources for research and leisure reading, but if anyone in the UK feels like actually handling and reading real books on magic and the occult, there is a wonderful resource available in  The Library of Avalon, in Glastonbury, Somerset (http://libraryofavalon.org.uk/old-website/index.htm) or (http://libraryofavalon.co.uk/). Its not a bookshop - its a real library, specializing in esoteric and occult books, and sci-fi and fantasy fiction. Local town libraries often have a poor selection on magic books, but this place has some real rare works, and many books not available on line, or out of print.

I've visited it many times, and the range of books crammed into such a small space, all available to just take off the shelves and read or thumb through, is just stunning - alchemy, magic, witchcraft, wicca, druidism, mythology, folklore, channeling, megaliths, crystals, ghosts, the list goes on and on and on. And also a large collection of magazines and journals on all sorts of similar subjects (plus a huge collection of curiously interesting and beautiful tarot cards kept hidden away in a lovely little cupboard). Glastonbury is a great place to visit, but often things on offer there have a price tag attached. But to find somewhere where you can access information (not just from the books, but from the staff!) for free, is so refreshing.

The library is very unassuming, and doesn't seem to advertise itself much, which is a shame. Its well worth a visit if you are in the area. 


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They certainly seem like a fantastic resource. I'll be excited when they open a branch in Texas. lol

I only know of one other library like it, and that's in Seattle. 

It looks great, but I'm in the U.S. I rely heavily on inter-library loans which seems to work for a lot of books even some odd Occult books. The Avalon site mentions U.S. sites. Do you know who they're talking about and where? I currently know of a small one in Delaware (The New Alexandrian) and I think there's one in San Francisco.

We need some good Pagan/Occult research libraries.

Perhaps we could get a list going?

There's the Seattle Metaphysical Library; http://www.seattlemetaphysicallibrary.org/

I for one would love such a list. None in my immediate area but I'll search and see if anything good comes up in Texas more generally.
Sadly it doesn't look good. This sort of thing here probably has something to do with that since it came up when I searched. lol


Can I put in a plug for a library I like?  I've bought several books from them:


I keep meaning to send my old copies of my magazine Gates of Annwn to that....

Do so. They lost a lot of their journals in the flood a few years back.


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