Some people are convinced that the world will practically end in one year, on 12/21/12.  

Theirs might, but mine will still be here on December 13th, and for at least another quarter century, which is when I expect my body to give me up.

Good things will become better and then best, while bad things will become worse and then worst.  (You choose.)  We are reaching the apex of humanity's phenomenal expansion of consciousness.  After this year, Change will begin to slow down in Time's unfolding.  

I consider myself truly blessed to be a witness to this spiritual quickening.

Do any others of you agree with me?

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The only thing that's happening is six planets lining up. Other than this it seems to be a New Age belief based in no evidence.

i have to agree here, even states that there will be NO alignments at all next year so meh. i am disappoint.

(Of course, I meant "December 23rd," not the 13th.)

But yes, Xoc, I agree with you that it will be a non-event, like "Y2K."  However, the tension on the collective psyche as a result of unsupported belief and legend does have an effect on social behavior.  


Good point!

Haha, excellent!

I admit that the part of me, which is responsible for morbid fun, is looking forward to all the coming panicky discussions regarding 2012.

I've got plans to say a very, very loud "told you so" on 12/22/12.

The belief comes from the advanced mayans calendar which ends 12/12/12. It is also the end to my knowledge of two other ancient calenders one being the Chinese. There are no claims to the end of the world. This was a hollywood idea to make money and for publishers over the past few decades to sell books. It is however the end of an aeon. There is also a lot of rare astrological occurences predicted by NASA, and I believe we will be going into a new spiritual global conciousness because of these factors.

NASA predicts astronomical events, not astrological ones. As for 2012, NASA is not predicting anything unique or "rare". The following links are from NASA's website.

I agree with you Gilfur.. I wonder why at times that I have been blessed to have lived long enough to see some of the changes the world has witnessed since I was a girl.. yes a spiritual quickening is a good way to put it as we enter the age of Aquarius... on a personal level the next 12 months will be remarkable for me and my family and I hope I will be here at least until next December to honor my eldest grandson's good fortune...

The speculations about a supposed astronomical alignment that would coincide with 12-21-12 are probably confused with an alignment that occurred at the time of the Harmonic Convergence event that occurred in August, 1987.  From Wikipedia, "The Sun, Moon and six out of eight planets formed part of the grand trine, that is, they were aligned at the apexes of an equilateral triangle when viewed from the Earth."

The ending of the Mayan "long-count calendar" on 12/21/12 was probably no more significant than the fact of our everyday calendars ending on December 31st each year.  If you were constructing a calendar based on astronomical movement, as the Mayans did, then you reasonably have to stop at some point, or else it would go on forever, right?  There are cycles within cycles within cycles that make up the calendar, like cogs in a clock mechanism.  They all come to the same synchronous moment on 12/21/12. It seems like a good place to stop the calendar, as I see it.

Nevertheless, these synchronous moments appear to coincide with shifts in human consciousness.  Not abrupt shifts, but more like the apex of a bell curve.  It's my understanding that the Mayans believed in an elevation of spiritual consciousness that is occurring right now, and that could be plotted in their calendar.

There are many remarkable statements made in Jose Arguelles' 1987 book, The Mayan Factor.  Arguelles was probably the most influential promoter of the Harmonic Convergence to herald a paradigm shift in human awareness.  I'm presently re-reading the book, and I'll probably post something on Lady Moonheart's group, 2012 Awareness.

I was blessed to have participated in the "world's first globally synchronized meditation" [Wikipedia], and I plan to return to the same power spot on 12/21/12 to complete my own cycle, so to speak.  Two years after the Harmonic Convergence, I actually climbed to the top of the Pyramid Of The Sun in Teotihuacan, and was awestruck by the power of the feelings of familiarity I felt there and at other Mayan sites.  Those feelings have never left me.

My main goal with this discussion was to see who else has a similar understanding, and to commemorate the beginning of this special year.

Nice to meet you, Kitten.  This is part of what I posted on the discussion in the 2012 Awareness group:

My perspective on 2012 is that nothing earth-shaking is going to happen.  It's simply the apex of a very broad curve, beyond which, some good things will become easier and some bad things will occur less and less frequently.  Most of it still remains the same.  Our individual experiences all combine to create the next moment.  As we learn to better focus our intentions on what serves the greater good, the balance moves further in that direction, improving everyone's experience of harmony. 


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