Very sad news I must leave PS and sell all my stuff to have enough to travel my unemployment cut way back not enough to pay bills or to live on I have know one beside me so the badger will travel to i really don't know yet but will be far away i will miss you all any body know any pagan land or farm need help  am tired . must go don't where somewhere in the U.S. ANY BODY GOT ANY IDEAS AND I ASK MY FAMILY TO HELP THEY SAID NO SOI AM ALONE    i be gone off PS tomorrow again anybody have any ideas

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I hope you find a place.
SIN you have just got to stop keeping things bottled up inside, it's bad for your emotional health so let loose and tell us what you really think.

While I do understand your remarks, I can't help but be sympathetic to Badger, one never knows the real details of another person's circumstances.
Stay away from Vegas!!!!!! Just saving you the drama, there are absolutely no jobs here and they are cutting more jobs as I speak. we are going to hell in a handbasket quicker than any other city and state in this economy. Just stay away from Nevada period. That's my helpful tip to you. And don't go to california, they are broke and just had another earthquake apparently in LA.

Do you have any friends in any other state that you could stay with temporarily? Maybe work off the rent in the form of house cleaning or maintenance and use your unemployment to buy food and toiletries til you find a job?

Hope you find something soon. Good luck!
Try Intentional community center plus try twin oaks or try masschetts salem?
Hey, badger, peace and love to you on your journey! I hope everything works out for you!


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