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The masculine and the feminine do not constitute, actually, but one of the aspects of the multiplicity of oppositions that are called to again unite. This fulfillment of androgyny should also be studied in the mineral and vegetal kingdom because, in turn, they know the division into masculine and feminine, according to the alchemical perspective. Any opposition is finally destined to be annulled through the union of the heavenly (+) with the terrestrial (-). This happiness bestowing union, which awakens amazing paranormal powers (SIDDHIS) in the human being can quickly and successfully be achieved only by a perfectly initiated human being that is permanently beneficially oriented, which perfectly controls the creative-sexual potential and whose occult power must be exerted ONLY in good, both upon the MICROCOSM, and upon the MACROCOSM, when he interferes or, in other words, when he is in an ineffable state of OCCULT RESONANCE with them.

From The Booklet of The International Yoga Symposium - Herculane 2010

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Whatever, plenty testosterone output will more likely grant an orgasm.
See IRL I am very often pulling the knight in shining armour, and my mind is fairly androgynous. At some point, I would like to be appreciated as a female, it is decent grounding. I apologise for being flat.

Of course I don't know you in person, but from what I've seen of you off and on as I'm on this site, I've always admired you as as strong woman who says what's on her mind. To me that is one of the best types of traits in a female.

Absolut.... chocolate!  What were we talking about?

I think I was just babbling about some theories I have somewhere in my mind, not that it has anything to do with reality. Pass the chocolate, please.
Its in my cupboard. I'll go get some:)
It starts to sound good but then if you read it a second time its garble.

hmm.. perhaps because you are blocking out all aspects to something you don't want to understand or admit to having read.  It doesn't make much sense once you remove the focus point, that of the objective.



Perhaps I spoke too quickly that we should just toss aside the focus of this paper, the "Perfect Being..." or perhaps "Perfect Way" of existence.  "To exist in perfection," now thats a lofty goal.


And then perhaps I picked this paper as an example which would get all the hackles up of those who love to trash new age BS (most all , if not all is BS.. admittedly) by picking something that re-examines both new and .. very old ideologies; In this case ancient ideologies which predate most of what you would call "Pagan".  But don't let that slow you down. :)  If you were to read the oldest writings, there are certain truths which follow, having to do with the concept of androgyny.  And I have always found it completely fascinating that various forms of religions (such as Yogis) continue to practice such doctrine to this day.


The perfect being is the true union, a most rare creature.  Doesn't say much there for the common witch does it.  God(dess) is the perfect union... entertaining idea, it almost drips with a certain antagonistic satire.



Disregard the outer hearts, but see the union.



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