EVERYWHERE on the news  we are hearing all about Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding. They seem like a fine couple,almost 30 ,so definetly a time to get hitched in the rotal circles......What I am wondering,with all the other really serious things going on,.should there be this BIG of a hubbub? Now,aye,I have Scottish roots and no fondness for English Royalty,though I wish them the best.but come on ,a Kate doll for $189,a comemoritive plate for $200,millions spent on this wedding,ect.....What a better message,IN MY OPINION,if something more humanitarian would have been endeavored upon instead with the $$$.......Am i just being weird about this? Ok,every girl wants to be a Queen........What do you think?

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'Every detail - these folks give more away than they use.  What else can someone with everything do?'

It's easy to give away money thats not your own just ask a politician, lets not forget where the money came from, we can go way back to land grabs and unfairly claiming rents from the rightful owners of those lands, we could talk about the stealing of resources from Africa/Asia etc, hell we could talk about the unfair taxes that they leveled on common folk that led to the US declaring independence. 


Many countries have a monarchy Cambodia, Saudi Arabia etc and the many of subjects of those countries don't mind(and in some when they do there are big well armed armies to annihilate the dissenters but thats a different topic al together) but I personally find it distasteful.

NO SHIT!!  ALL I have to say!!!  HUGS to you in IRELAND!! Like I keep saying,STUDY the history of ENGLAND.......all of you that think these people,the ROYALS are full of integreity and worth....Right,its been "FORCED" upon them allright.....The High Kings of Ireland? Like comparing lemons to a juicy Watermelon,.......let me just go scream now.......
A FEW days to go.The adds on the Royal wedding,apparantly are every 20 seconds somewhere in the UK,my Scottish friends are ready to run wide through the highlands......gesssss ENOUGH,theyre saying......anyone still really wrapped up in this??
People not getting bombarded with updates and ads, I guess.  A royal family fan friend of mine has taken the day off from work so she can stay at home and watch it live.
I think quite a few businesses are closed in the UK.....now here in USA? On the news it said they are spending 33 million on security alone.....

The British govt declared the day a national holiday, which irked business owners in UK.  They have to pay employees for not working.  They went on the news and while wishing the couple well, wish they'd gotten married on a weekend.


From what I read, the government is picking up the tab for security, the families are paying for everything else.

Amazing,isnt it? I guess its once in a lifetime thing for some.....Still not watching,actually Friday I leave for San Juan,then Portugal,Canary Island and Spain,more concerned about my adventure.LOL Get to do the EVIL TSA screening.......all of 3 minutes of it...


......HOCKEY freak huh? My son plays in Colorado.I'll be leaving for Baltimore early fri
I read that they are accepting no gifts, only money that they are donating to charity.
That is grande,however 33 milliin in security.? WOW!!

I think that would be great if they did donate to charity--Diana would have been happy.



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