EVERYWHERE on the news  we are hearing all about Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding. They seem like a fine couple,almost 30 ,so definetly a time to get hitched in the rotal circles......What I am wondering,with all the other really serious things going on,.should there be this BIG of a hubbub? Now,aye,I have Scottish roots and no fondness for English Royalty,though I wish them the best.but come on ,a Kate doll for $189,a comemoritive plate for $200,millions spent on this wedding,ect.....What a better message,IN MY OPINION,if something more humanitarian would have been endeavored upon instead with the $$$.......Am i just being weird about this? Ok,every girl wants to be a Queen........What do you think?

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THEY said instead of gifts,they requested that. i will say i popped on CNN and saw the wedding dress and Kate was gorgeous! they BOTH looked tired ......
Prince William & Kate Engagement 1 Pictures, Images and Photos
Beltane--perfect time for a wedding! While I agree that the money spent could have gone to help out in other areas--it will not go to those better causes---so I wish Kate and Wills the very best! I think Diana would have been proud.
This is from a girl with Irish and Scottish roots so I do not have a great love for the the British Rule of old but years ago I lived in England and I was treated like Royalty and I will never forget the warmth and happiness I shared with my friends across the pond! I hope that William will carry his mother's compassion and continue on with her many heartfelt causes. I think she had the time to at least show the boys that there are people that do not enjoy the luxuries that they enjoy. I remember Diana would go into the hospitals late at night as to not be noticed and she would just hold the hand of a patient with AIDS---she gave of herself--I can only hope that the boys will be a little like her--we shall see.
They do make a luvlee couple
Being Scottish, I can't be bothered with the royal wedding!  I'm just going to keep the TV off all day and have fun in the garden!  In all seriousness, I wish them the best, but the way I see it is; would THEY care if I got married.  No...
I'll be driving to BALTIMORE...
At least, unlike other royal weddings, they are giving something to the people.  All of the flowers are being donated, and the trees are live, so they will be planted.
VERY GOOD points FLETCHER and you are correct......For me,being Scottish roots,it is what the whole Royal Family represents and a history of those wars,persecutions and treatment of the folks in the Scottish Highlands.
Now it is ovr lets go back oto ur normal lives.....

I agree--Diana would be proud.  It was a lovely wedding and I think they make a wonderful couple.

It is nice to hear Kate wanted to add the trees in the Abby out of her respect for nature and the trees will be replanted.  I love the fact William wore the Irish Guards uniform--he does descend from Brian Boru the last High King of Ireland.  Kate's dress was very beautiful--kind of Grace Kelly like.  I hear that there were over eighty Charity organizations represented at the wedding--yes I think Diana would be proud! 

THE British News media ias already digging up dirt on her past party life,....FICKLE..imagine that
The wedding was wonderful, glorious.  I didn't like the bride's dress - too dowdy, staid and old for her - Pippa looked much more fresh and youthful in her gown - but the guys looked super.  The Beckhams showed...and OMG, David Beckham IS a god!!!  Gorgeous gorgeous man.

Different tastes Crystal.  IMO, her dress looked like something you sew out of a Simplicity pattern at the beginner's level because it was so plain.  It's not going to be a memorable gown.  Diana's gown was memorable because it was so ostentatious and dramatic.  Kate's gown looked like something off the rack, boring and extremely old fashioned.


It's tradition, but her 'bridesmaids' were little girls.  No one is going to put them in something tacky.


She wanted Pippa to wear white, but many people were surprised, thinking only the bride should be wearing white on that day.


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