EVERYWHERE on the news  we are hearing all about Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding. They seem like a fine couple,almost 30 ,so definetly a time to get hitched in the rotal circles......What I am wondering,with all the other really serious things going on,.should there be this BIG of a hubbub? Now,aye,I have Scottish roots and no fondness for English Royalty,though I wish them the best.but come on ,a Kate doll for $189,a comemoritive plate for $200,millions spent on this wedding,ect.....What a better message,IN MY OPINION,if something more humanitarian would have been endeavored upon instead with the $$$.......Am i just being weird about this? Ok,every girl wants to be a Queen........What do you think?

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When i think of royalty i think of Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn. She was real royalty to me, more real than these new comers to the throne will ever be.
I'm not too sure what the hub bub is all about. The commemorative items are being made by outsiders to try to make a killing on the event. Internet pages and tabloid mags are following their every step...blah, blah blah...I myself am not really interested...
I myself think that way too much attention is being given to this wedding. There are plenty of other things happening that are far more serious.
EXACTLY! so do I...Mayhaps they could set the example of a better way for them to spend this shitload of money..
Looking back.........isn't there usually a royal wedding when the UK is kinda down morale wise?
I think the Queen Liz gave them an ultimatum.do it or else

It seems to me that the British (okay Lass in deference to your Scottish roots, the English) are just looking to have a good time and party, this marriage is the excuse.  May a good time be had by all!



They have lots of good times,I think.LOL and I have no issues with that!! Just seems so much money spent when there is so much need elsewhere. i swear if it were me,I jjust wouldnt do it......I would have no issue being Queen though......
Well,I am actually upper income myself,but i get your point and very true many people are getting employed because of it.okey,not from a monetary aspect all either,why not set an example of being part of the help needed in some bad situations in the world and publicize that,more? And I am tired of being bombarded with it too on CNN and other news shows..I can imagine how it is in the UK..I know my cousins in the Scottish Highlands hate it cant turn on a show or radio without the Royal countdown,still it such a harsh world it is a fairytale too,mayhaps giving some something to dream on.
THAT would be a fine idea!  Like what does one give the ROYALS for a gift.......
NONE of my girlfriends are.......but it IS a distraction,not a whole lot of happy news these days


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