EVERYWHERE on the news  we are hearing all about Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding. They seem like a fine couple,almost 30 ,so definetly a time to get hitched in the rotal circles......What I am wondering,with all the other really serious things going on,.should there be this BIG of a hubbub? Now,aye,I have Scottish roots and no fondness for English Royalty,though I wish them the best.but come on ,a Kate doll for $189,a comemoritive plate for $200,millions spent on this wedding,ect.....What a better message,IN MY OPINION,if something more humanitarian would have been endeavored upon instead with the $$$.......Am i just being weird about this? Ok,every girl wants to be a Queen........What do you think?

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Hi Crystal,  I'm the child of a seamstress, so eyeballing dress designs comes easily for me.


Hi Braith, of course you're right.  That's exactly the problem.  To stave off any criticism she went plain and dowdy and dressed older than her age in order to play it safe.  Very proper, but very bleh.

LOVED her dress,elegant and olde world,aye,I saw it,live at 6AM! LOL

Bright Benedictions au D'Anjou Lass:


We in the crowd noticed the similarity of the dress to that of the late Grace Kelley, or Princess Grace Princess of Monaco. 


So the similarity is always symbolic and in this case the meaning is that Princess Katherine came from common stock, not at all uncommon for high ranking Royals to do, but Princess and Duchess Katherine seems to be embracing her station.


She will be Queen one day and she was speaking out for me too, former commoner on the rise in the Royal Circles.  We, Luc and I, planned our wedding which will cost boucoup less and be 10 times as nice, with NO media at a Citizen "Royal" wedding under heavy security in France unbeknownst to the people, with this wedding in mind so that we would not overshadow their wedding or that of Queen's Diamond Jubilee next year, 50 years ruling or is it 75.  She is 85 however.


But they go on in abolished countries too but there will be very little to attract media to our wedding other than we invited my High School friend here and same age Brad Pitt Springfield, MO native and Angelina Jolie, both staunch supporters of same sex marriage.  They won't marry until everyone can marry whom they desire.


So we thought of them to draw a little publicity to our little cotillian.  But different as night and day.  If the people knew how elaborate our wedding will be they would flock to it, but we get the horse drawn carriages and 1000 doves more than theirs and we aren' t changing a thing after we saw this.


En Service

Comte Chev. Rev. Geoffrey VII. KT Comte D'Anjou, SAR


Benedictions au D'Anjou:


And back from the snake pit.  Forthcoming perhaps in forums throughout the medium will be inside information of the Royals when their hair comes down.


EEEEK and a freake, It is true Camilla will one day be Queen!  Gag. . .


En Service

Comte Geoffrey VII KT Comte D'Anjou




im no chick but this wedding is a waste of time and money
plenty of starving kids without a pen to write with cross the globe
anyways shes hot
Good point! It was a royal wedding, though I think u have an idea instead of spending 200 million dollars on pretty things, why not help Haiti or Japan now that would've been a good idea. I actually, no offense, but I think it's a crime for anyone to spend that much money on things/junk you don't need.

Bright Benedictions au D'Anjou:


Or on weddings in general.  I mean can we all get real?


Luc and I will have spent about $400,000 on our wedding once everything is set.  We liked the Forest Motiff Katherine brought to Westminster and that was our idea at a "Christmas" Time Wedding with decorated trees.


But we have also sworn to give the exact cost of our wedding to the most deserving charities that work with AIDS victims in SubSaharra Africa.  The worst possible life and is ravageing Central Africa.


So some Royal weddings can be just and good.  I know the British Royal family is a billboard that says:  "Open for Business" and that is their deal to deal with.  We're French so don't particularly care about it anyway.  My recollection is that they spent about 100 M for their wedding and gave a similar amount to 26 different charities Princess Diana would have supported.


But the message is clear in Great Britian or United Kingdom:  "We Are Open for Business."


En Service

Comte Chev. Rev. Geoffrey VII KT Comte D'Anjou, SAR


After being all over Europe,most of the last month,few people really seemed to care outside of the UK.
YAY your back!!!!I missed you;)
Gee thanks!! I was NOT online for a month. it was a bit weird,LOL!!
HUGS to you BOTH!!
Well hello Lass. Hope you had a wonderful trip.


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