EVERYWHERE on the news  we are hearing all about Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding. They seem like a fine couple,almost 30 ,so definetly a time to get hitched in the rotal circles......What I am wondering,with all the other really serious things going on,.should there be this BIG of a hubbub? Now,aye,I have Scottish roots and no fondness for English Royalty,though I wish them the best.but come on ,a Kate doll for $189,a comemoritive plate for $200,millions spent on this wedding,ect.....What a better message,IN MY OPINION,if something more humanitarian would have been endeavored upon instead with the $$$.......Am i just being weird about this? Ok,every girl wants to be a Queen........What do you think?

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For me personally I can not stand the Royal family, I think they are very evil people. I think all monarchy's should be disbanded. I also think that Canada needs to disassociate ourselves with the Monarchy and get that ugly troll of a queen off our money already. I do not know what makes these people any better than myself. We all came into the world the same way, breath the same air. Here in Canada all we hear is about the Royal family and how they are this and that. Kate and William are coming to Canada, and we should all bow to them. PLEASE give me a break, I can not wait for this big sherade to be over. As for me, I never wanted to be a queen or princess growing up, I like being me. This is just my opinion.

I feel pretty much like you do RAVEN KELLEY. I did want to be a Queen ,but of the Faeries! LOL!!  Or a Pirate!! William and Kate seem like NICE folk,but "royalty" and the history of the English Royalty physicaly makes mje sick when I read,dream and remember ALL the atrocities that were done in the name of the "CROWN".I'm not just talking about Scotland either,India,British New Guinea,Australia Where they wanted to "wipeout" the Aborginie people.yup READ the history of the English domination in Australia in the early 1900s)....I could puke just talking about it......

Bright Benedictions Lass:


The British sure did, but also the Portuguese, the Spanish, the Mongols, the Huns, the Romans, the Greeks, and it was the Scottish who taught us First Nation people scalping.  Thanks.


England abolished slavery in 1820 that is about 45 years and a Civil War in America to abolish slavery just in the US and not a world Empire.  The UK has upheld same-sex marriage not only there but in disputed areas such as Nigeria, and Virginia where spliting meant the gays and supporters had to leave.


Same-sex marriage is Law in English Commonwealth member nations all over the world.


In Scotland the Clans and their septs fought each other all the time, had difficulty deciding matters of urgent nature.  The King of England inherited the throne via Stewart Dynasty just as surely Scotland actually took over England.  Scotland, via Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in Washington D.C. decides and approves the King of the World, The President of the USA, in Washington D. C.


What does the past teach us, Lass, to learn, grow, improve, or to be bitter.


My promotion of Monarchy is a new thing for me since I only discovered myself about 13 years or so ago.  I understand what all the meanings are for from reading about the Last Emperor of China.  There were millions of Chinese who simply adored the sybology the Emperor of China represented to the people - a grand image of all that was right and good about China just by being.


I think that in the USA especially demonstrated when the late Princess Diana was alive, that I got the true sense of Americans do, for the most part, miss and regret certain aspects the Monarchy provided even tho most immigrants to the USA were trying to forget, unmindfully, their past and find a new life.


Tis a great experiement America, but the Brand American Dreaming is deadly.  Manifest Destiny literally exterminated all citizens of First Nation.  Adolph Hitler openly admired the Americans for the process of eradication of First Nation and modeled his racial engineering policies, including any remaining Royals, after American Manifest Destiny.


Horrible and shameful.


As a descendant of Sacajewa and Meriwether Lewis directly direct Mom was a Lewis and 5th ggrandaughter of Sacajewa and Meriwether Lewis.  And I can honestly claim that my name:  Jeffrey Duane Snetselaar is only used by me the only one of that name on the planet.  And I can attest as a Royal I am the only European Royal with Royal First Nation ancestry!


Far and away worse than the Inquisition, Holocaust, as horrible as these events were was American Manifest Destiny.  HUGE!  More than Spain, more than the Dutch, more than France (allied with First Nation), more than anyone:  The Irish, Scots, Welsh, and English Americans committed the hugest atrocity in humankind.


There were 10s of Millions of people living here in huge cultural centres that were annihilated and put on reservations of land after a trail of tears on the worst land available.


En Service

Comte Geoffrey septime Comte D'Anjou, SAR




PS On the funny side:  In the book In The Devil's Snare - Witch Hysteria of Essex County Massacusetts 1692, Mary Beth Norton talks of one of my Dutch ancestors who wasn't caught up in the frey who lived in then New York.


This Dutchman of New York, The French in general who were fighting the English, and the Amerindians complained about Salem Village as observers that there  amonst the British colonials, "there were too many damn witches."

SCOTTISH blood ,aye we're simply savages at heart,with a powerful history that one either appreciates,relishes,studies,learns from and enjoys......or chooses not too.I choose not to forget,either but remember the whos,how,whys and whats......The trying to annialate the Native American population is a whole other tale,growing up in North Dakota around the Great Sioux Nation,the ONLY cause and reason for that atrocity was GREED and the US Army......had nothing to do with what nationality anyone was that opposed the Native Americans,simply power ,land and might and taking something that wasnt the United States Government to take in the first place.......

Bright Benedictions au D'Anjou:


Lass it's just this, with the American Revolution, and later the winning of the War of 1812 the English speaking British were on top and were the top dogs. 


The British Isles, not France, not Spain, not Hollande.  The British and their descendants (us).  If WE weren't strictly English, Welsh, Irish, or Scottish WE were nothing, nothing, nothing In the grand ole US of A.  I personally lived that persecution all my life, and now knowing of am English, Welsh, Irish, and Scottish - of those nation's Royal Bloodlines.


How preposterous that these racial and cultural matters are still being played out, for the love of the Goddess the vendettas, blood-feuds, petty revenges must come to an end.  Shouting to the rafters. . . . . .


Do I know that not one of my ancestors fought for the Revolution?  Yes


Do I know that not one of my ancestors was anything but Loyalist?  Yes


Do I know that not one of my ancestors fought for the Confederacy?  Yes


Do I know that not one of my ancestors fought First Nation?  Yes


Do I know that American Royals are barred from politics?  Yes

(supposed to be and are).


Irony.  I love Irony the most.


En Service

Comte Geoffrey septime Comte D'Anjou, SAR




I thought they were already asking for donations to various charities as gifts?  Am I wrong?


While I love a royal wedding, I just hope this marriage goes better than William's parent's marriage.  I hope William breaks with tradition and becomes the first prince not to cheat on his wife with a mistress.  What does rub me wrong though is the extreme pressure these two have on them.  William to marry, Kate to accept whatever comes down if she wants to be married to him.  He presents her with his mother's ring, completely unchanged - a ring from a woman prematurely violently dead representing a marriage she grew to hate and couldn't wait to get out of - a really bad omen if you ask me - and what can Kate say?  No?  She has to accept it.  William wants to not wear a wedding ring while she does, can she object if she wanted to?  Not until after she IS married to him can she make any demands of him  because he can always just decide not to marry her if she gets too mouthy now.


It's pretty creepy if you think about it. 

I don't know if someone else mentioned this yet, but I saw an add for a Lifetime Movie Channel movie about the Royal Wedding. 

I do no understand the hype either? It is a waste of money.  Perhaps it could be a booster to the moral of the Brit people. But I dont get it!

(And not every girl wants to be queen, I'd rather be a Prince, they get to do fun things like play with swords and such lol)

Its on soon........
Let me start of by saying that as an Irish Republican I haven't got too much time in general for the British monarchy.

I hate the whole thing, it's boring, there are more interesting and important things going on in the world and it sticks in my craw that the media are spending time on this instead of focusing on something at least a bit more entertaining or informative(i'm not into the whole girlie girl wedding thing).

On the one hand I can be happy for two people who have found their soul mates(if that parts even true) but on the other hand I personally find it really impossible to understand how anybody can be a royalist, I can understand deferring to people who have proven themselves smarter/more skilled better in some way but to bow down to someone else just because by lucky accident of birth they have found themselves related to a particular bloodline is preposterous to me, then when you add into the mix the fact that the English monarchy don't allow those in direct line to the thrown to marry outside of the Church of England and the fact that Kate Middleton had to convert from Catholicism to even be able to marry William(true love?) it seems a bit off to me personally, marry the love of your life once it's not a Jew/Muslim/Pagan/Catholic etc,well lets just say I personally would prefer to hear no more about this whole thing and with the way Windsor marriages seem to go this ones probably only gonna last a few years and we'll be having to put up with another one soon enough.

Bright Benedictions au D'Anjou:


Question:  what if you could prove you were a direct descendant of the High Kings of Eire?

You would promote that anywhere you could.


In our wedding and later our marriage we didn't have to change a thing we are both Gnostic Pagans.  You rent a church, bring the clergy, all legal for two men of aristocratic background to do for others to see, get a sense of pride perhaps, and live a happy as Royalty as private citizens.


The Brits can't do that because they still have their monarchy, but they can get the buzz not to mention the tourist euros.



En Service

Comte Geoffrey septime Comte D'Anjou, SAR



No, I am proud of the fact that I am Irish, I am proud of my race(most of the time), I am proud of my heritage and family but I wouldn't expect to use my genetic history to curry favor or get a free ride, I am happy to make my own way in this world and not live a parasitic existence(side note I have respect for Harry who actually served in combat missions in Afghanistan and earned his military pay instead of just showing up to a few functions in uniform) at the expense of hard working taxpayers.



And I share your pride and honour.


You misunderstand what the Royals, even though they don't deserve or belong there, do.  They even employ little men to write down every good and bad deed the Royals do - analy chronicling the grueling day. 


Every detail - these folks give more away than they use.  What else can someone with everything do?


We all love and admire the memory of Princess Diana, argueably.  We all knew, because of her huge popularity, what her schedule was like.  In the comparative scheme of things she hardly did anything in contrast to the rest of the corporate aparatus.


Princess Diana just received more press coverage.


And a lot of the yuck and gloom about the Royals in general is that Princess Diana brought a breath of fresh air to the Institutions that has to now be rivaled, especially with the wedding of Her son.


There's more.  But in essence, see book Snobs, the Average American in their suburban 5 bedroom, $200,000.00 home lives far and away more luxuriant than the average Royal who reside in State homes for State purpose in apartments.


And the coocoon they live in is necessary for avoiding assasination.


Weigh and balance it really is all the same.  However, I understand the spirituality behind "Royal-hood."


It's a job description no one wants but it's forced upon most.


En Service

Comte Geoffrey septime Comte D'Anjou, SAR



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