I am wondering why ~namaste~ is used in the craft as a word when the word is Hindu and means to pay homage to the inner light. I have seen this word used very widely among pictures or words of the craft. Why would any witch, wiccan, druid, or anyone of the craft use this word so boldly? Is there another meaning to this word that I am not seeing?

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It means "The sacred (or Divine) in me aknowledges and honors the sacred (or Divine) in you". Why would we NOT use it?? It is a wonderful word and I use it a lot. I plan to have it tattooed on my wrist to remind me that every being is sacred. It is a lovely way to bless another soul, honoring them and their inherent divinity as well as honoring yourself and your own divinity. Just my opinion, but it's probably my most favorite word ever! LOLOLOL
Thank you for the reply. I will add the meaning to the word ~NAMASTE~ that I have already written down in my craft terminology notebook. Are you wiccan, witch, pagan, druid, etc.
Peace is correct and it is a wonderful and sacred word. Quite a few of my friends end their msgs with it and I feel truly blessed by it. Namaste!
Thank you for your comment. The spanish saying is actually pretty but hard to say. LOL! Will add this to my craft terminology..May I ask are you pagan, wiccan, witch, druid, etc..
So, after cracking up laughing, I've decided that the first part of your post is epic. XD Good job.
I like the 'om mani padme hum' for free! Can we get an Om Namah Shivayah?
To be fair, many Wiccans refer to the God and Goddess as Cerridwen and Cernunnos, Apollo and Artemis, yadda yadda, and every possible variation thereof, but that doesn't make them Celtic/Greek/whathaveyou.

Namaste is a polite, respectful, and NICE thing to say. Why question it? That's like taking 'Merry Christmas' as an insult, as so many do. It's a POSITIVE sentiment. Recognize that, right?

Hey... I'm ranting again. What time is it?

I need to go have my anti-cranky tea, I think. I'm starting to sound like a jerk. o_o
No you are not. I was just wondering why the word ~NAMASTE~ was used so much. Do we actually have a Santa Claus and do we actually celebrate the Christian Holiday Christmas? Just wondering. I only do Yule/ Winter Solstice unless family wants me celebrate with them and than I have to be all nicey nice..LOL!
What is your anti-cranky tea? May need some myself...LMAO!!!
Lol! Today my anti-cranky tea is peppermint chai, but it's usually Irish breakfast. <3

I celebrate Christmas with my family, and Yule on my own. I think, regardless of religious background, any excuse is a good excuse for a holiday or a time to spend with family and friends. The basic principle of Christmas is good will, and it's better to give than to receive. I can deal with that. I'll celebrate it for my family's sake without any complaint. The message is right. Jesus was born in April or something anyway, so it has all the weight of a sheet of paper on my religious outlook. lol Merry Christmas doesn't bother me.
so true! i completely agree ^^ the western concept of Christmas isn't even necessarily religious, much less Christian, so anyone can celebrate it!

although i will add that they don't have a month for Jesus birth. They do know though that it was NOT in the winter, and best guesses seem to point towards spring, so April could very well be it, but it is not actually known/decided upon.
Did you know that Jesus was a witch as well? To be honest I could care less whether or not I celebrate with my family or not but that is my own person opinion...Long story on the whole christmas and family thing
Jesus was a witch! Did he say namaste?


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