While I was looking through the members list for others local to my area, I noticed that a large number of the profiles I viewed either did not list a sign or were the same 3. Aries, Sagitarius, and Leo seem to be the majority of signs here from my observances so far. I'm wondering if it is because those signs have more outgoing or sociable traits. Also, I was thinking of making a Zodiac poll purely out of curiousity if that would be possible here. Any thoughts?

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Well I don't consider the Sun Sign as important as the Ascendant, but if you're interested it's Cancer.

Thank you. I didn't display mine either. Pices here. (grins)

I've noticed the Gemini is very prominent among members at Pagan Space, probably because I'm a Gemini. :/

There seems to be a trend upon what time of year the member joins. Like your sign somehow influences the month and year you join Pagan Space. Just a notion, no empirical evidence to base it on.

 You've got an interesting theory.

You may be right at that considering that I joined PS yesterday and my birthday is coming up in the next few days. One way to test it out would be to watch for other Piceans that sign up before the end of the month.

I don't think a zodiac poll would give a true picture of the entire member base, more of a snapshot of which signs are most active at the time of the poll. 

Also, it could be that a poll will appeal to some zodiac signs more than others. So you could end up with the result that "Taureans are most likely to take part in a zodiac poll during March". Or something like that.

I agree it might be a bit of fun, especially if the results were shown in a graph or pie-chart. That could look very colourful.

Ah, yes. I should have accounted for all the possible variables. A person's current mood as well as timing would have a great influence on the result. Good thing I chose not to persue a career in science. lol

Sidereal: Aquarius

Tropical: Pisces



Avia Icefeather, Enjoy Your weekend :) Tons Of Hugs

I'm a Libra who gets well best with Aquarius', but can't usually stand other Libras, haha.

Sun sign Capricorn

Ascendant Sagittarius

Moon in Cancer

mentioning these 3 gives a more complete picture is my own opinion.


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