All through my studies i have always thought Dr. Szasz was completely wrong in say that there is no such thing as mental illness, that it is just a label put on people that are different from ourselves.  But, studying developmental psychology i am beginning to wonder if there could be some truth to it.

The background: psychologists are finding that the brain is not fully developed by the age of 21 (on the average for most).  And most mental illnesses are not showing until the age of 22 (again thats the average, illnesses like schizophrenia, bi-polar, borderline personality disorder and so on).

The Theory: Knowing that the brain is not fully developed until the age of 21 could it be that what a mental illness is is just different brain development, or abnormal brain development?

If this theory is tested and proved this would show that Dr. Thomas Szasz was accurate in his assumption that mental illness is just merely a label, and that there is really no such thing, it would really be just different brain development.

What say the court? ideas and opinions? Im trying to contact Dr. Szasz himself to find if he has conducted research about this and his theory.

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OT: only a tad. But has anyone stopped to think that perhaps the rise of the artificial environments we created, including the chemicals, are the reason "mental illness" is on the rise in first world countries.

That is a perfectly valid point. Last study i read (I dont remember where i read it), it suggested that the reason why children are going through puberty so much sooner is due to chemicals in our food.  While this could be possible, i am uncertain this is the whole truth that could be found. I could make an argument for evolution for this and mental illness.

There's also the various pollution and chemical imbalances in the environment itself. I read somewhere the rise in depression was linked to various chemicals such as agent orange, but now I am looking for the link. :-|

My friend's father was affected badly by Agent Orange while he was in the war. They have no prior history of dwarfism in either she or her mothers family what so ever and yet she was born with Achondroplasia. Now, I know that is a physical condition compared to a mental illness, but her family is convinced it was the Agent Orange that affected her dad and caused her dwarfism.


That's weird! All I've heard it be associated with is PTSD!

I certainly can't prove anything but I have talked to her and her parents about it and they have told me even her doctors admit that the Agent Orange could very likely have something to do with it, since no one in either of their families have ever had it in their history (though they admit they could still carry the gene for it). Because of it she has serious spine problems and can't walk for a long time (my birthday is coming up and I want to go to the Zoo, I am trying to convince her to let me drag her around in a little red wagon xD)


Xoc here is one that may fit closer to what your talking about. My father was hit by Agent Orange and died from Cancer, but it has been found that depression has much to with that Military fly over sprays of this crap.



Neurology has always seemed to me to be much more objective than psychology or psychiatry.

Psychology and Neurology go hand in hand.

Yea, they work with each other a good bit. I'm certainly not an expert, but, it seems to me that psychologist spend most of their time interpreting the symptoms. Where as, a neurologist would want to get a scan of the brain & do comparisons to the norm.

You have a common confusion between a psychiatrist, and a psychologist. 

My dead cousin put a bullet through his brain and I've contemplated it myself before, what would you call that? I've never heard of this "doctor" but just off of that I'm calling him a quack.

Side note: I've written a book on mental illness if anyone is interested please contact me. Its only on Kindle at this point.


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