I'm fairly sure that most are familiar with the terms 'Green Witch', 'Kitchen Witch', 'Hedge Witch', and the like. Here I'd like to introduce a term that may or may not be known... Thought Witch. My understanding of this term is a witch who uses no vocalization or tools of any kind, including the hands. The witch need only to think and be successful in the deed.

   As privacy is not always available, I have and still do make use of this talent out of necessity from time to time. In the beginning it was pretty much hit or miss and some had humorous results. Since then, I have learned deeper control and a more fluid technique.

   I would like to know if others have or had experience in this area.

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Thanks for bringing this in ~ nice to hear I'm not alone in this :)

I guess it's what I term as wish magick.  It's a kind of mentally and spiritually sending out my will to the universe, hoping for a positive response.  I must confess that I do very little actual spell work or ritual these days, yet when I want something to happen, or not, as the case may be, it seems that if I somehow wish it strongly enough, fate makes things come right in the end.  If I do choose to help it on it's way I may add the odd bind rune or candle magick to the mix, but on the whole, I do much of my pathwork by thought nowadays and feel mostly satisfied with results.

I agree with your concept. Intending results and noticing the outcomes is a sign of a powerful intention. I believe with living on purpose and creating your own reality. This is done through emotions and thoughts. Gratitude also plays a major role. I feel you are real excited about the progress you have made in your magical journey, and you should be. Congrats and may you continue to progress and love your journey. 

Oh yes! That is my primary method of spell work. It is a safer method when in public. I have always felt I can concentrate better without the use of physical tools. 

aww that is so cute- though witches what if their thoughts are toxic? I mean who is in charge of witches thoughts? how are they controlled. Where does the power behind their thoughts come from?

Mother In-Laws

awww that is a nice description I have been called that before. Pick up my blog someday if you want its under my name. Lots of crazy shit happens around me!


With all that is out there, this should shed some light. Dr. Wolf was asked to create a Physics course for artists at USC San Diego.

Yes, I manifested w/o any aids/ tools. It can be useful.

Utilizing our intuitive powers
Silencing the mind
Detaching from common
Sensory perceptions
Trusting in your sixth sense
In another dimension

Difficult yet simple

From Twitter 

I've done this many times, out of necessity since I lacked the necessary privacy at the time. Or when I've felt the call to honor the sabbats but have no resources readily available. I'm confident in saying that these unspoken rituals are just as successful as the ones spoken aloud. It's a matter of intention. You send your energy out into the universe and the universe reacts. The gods have no ears so spoken or unspoken is of no importance to them- they know all and reward our efforts regardless of how loudly we speak

Do you know who Ida Rolf is?


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