I'm fairly sure that most are familiar with the terms 'Green Witch', 'Kitchen Witch', 'Hedge Witch', and the like. Here I'd like to introduce a term that may or may not be known... Thought Witch. My understanding of this term is a witch who uses no vocalization or tools of any kind, including the hands. The witch need only to think and be successful in the deed.

   As privacy is not always available, I have and still do make use of this talent out of necessity from time to time. In the beginning it was pretty much hit or miss and some had humorous results. Since then, I have learned deeper control and a more fluid technique.

   I would like to know if others have or had experience in this area.

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Why do I post this here? to give an Idea of the Breakthru's in mind power.


Yes, as a matter of fact, I have extensive knowledge of what is known as auric transferrence of grey matter from spirit to physical. The medium for this to occur in is best known as the most purest form of a magical core I have ever seen.


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