I'm fairly sure that most are familiar with the terms 'Green Witch', 'Kitchen Witch', 'Hedge Witch', and the like. Here I'd like to introduce a term that may or may not be known... Thought Witch. My understanding of this term is a witch who uses no vocalization or tools of any kind, including the hands. The witch need only to think and be successful in the deed.

   As privacy is not always available, I have and still do make use of this talent out of necessity from time to time. In the beginning it was pretty much hit or miss and some had humorous results. Since then, I have learned deeper control and a more fluid technique.

   I would like to know if others have or had experience in this area.

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Yes, I believe I have. Mind you, it was totally spur of the moment heightened emotions that spurred the release of energy. No thought out pre-meditated action in my case. It usually involves a sudden state of fear, anger, or general excitement that has been spurred through conversation and/or interactions. The result of the sudden releases of energy have had an interesting effect on those around me in close proximity. Persons at a distance have no need to worry. It seems like direct eye contact amplifies the effect.

Does this qualify me as a Thought Witch?

I would think it does. You just described the circumstances that made me aware of what I could actually do. Replacing my emotions with pure intent was a big hurdle for me though. Emotions have an unpredictability factor that does not serve me well in this practice.

Thank you for your input. :)

I don't know if this is a gender specific talent or not. In a lot of ways it comes as a comfort to know that I can do this anywhere at any time and no one be the wiser. Needless to say, my world has become much more interesting. lol


Beware Of The THINKER. If he sees you thinking too far, he will cast your thoughts into another plane.

Rodin has been casted all around the world. It's a way so that you don't have their thoughts in mind.

"The Thinker has been cast in multiple versions and is found around the world, but the history is complicated of the progression from models to castings and is still not entirely clear. About 28 monumental-sized bronze casts are in museums and public places. In addition, there are sculptures of different study-sized scales and plaster versions (often painted bronze) in both monumental and study sizes. Some newer castings have been produced posthumously and are not considered part of the original production."

I'm from the old world.

Yes, self-discipline is a must have and knowing when you have expended enough mental energy to accomplish your intended goal. I consider pressing on beyond that to be most harmful to myself and my intended result.

No, it means that you're right on your "Thoughts". I never said anything about self discipline lol.


I was told when I was a young man that all human being send out negative and positive thought/energy toward people quite naturally the only difference is an experienced practitioner knows how to use this energy to achieve a result. What your describing is what I thought all magically inclined people were capable of doing. 

Yes, they are capable of it. Most will slowly graduate to it by lessening the material tools they feel they need over time. If they are more like I was at the time, flat broke and constantly having to hide my true beliefs, they will graduate out of necessity, but it still takes practice.

“One in all, all in one—if only this is realized, no more worry about your not being ‘perfect!’”
— The Xinxin Ming

I suspect all the witches are doing the same thing, you just got lucky and found a short cut. Perhaps, one day, the universe will provide what you need without requiring the Thought.

Luck had nothing to do with it. I had a legitimate need and my higher power enlightened me with the solution. One person's short cut is another person's reward for a long hard journey and I dare not refuse such gifts from the divine.

Perhaps, one day, the universe will provide you with a short cut to further your enlightenment.

Best wishes on your journey.

Ah, someone recognizes the truth. Reality is not random. It operates on choice and there are no coincidences. However, don't assume you've earned your gifts already.  Sometimes the universe hands out the favors before it gives the test.


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