Some say it helps them with their rituals.

Others say you shouldn't do anything that could harm your body.

What are your thoughts on marijuana?

I smoked a lot in the past but I liked it a bit too much and got really addicted so i quit 2 months ago.

In my opinion it's ok to do if you don't do it too much and don't get depressed without it.

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I have found that deep meditation and on a daily basis is enough to keep me smiling all day. I like being independent way more than being high.

personally I used to smoke it a lot myself back 4 years ago. I wasn't addicted, it was similar to social drinking, so social smoking? Now the only time I really smoke it is if I cannot sleep. It gets me sleepy. I just say as long as you do it responsibly then there's no big deal. If we do no harm to our body, then honestly we shouldn't be doing a lot of things that people tend to do.

Almost everyone I know that smokes says that they sleep better after smoking. I always had problems falling asleep when I was high because I couldn't stop thinking so much. I ended up just laying there all night, thinking about everything.

There is no evidence that I know of that it is addictive. It should be legal. There are medicinal uses for it. If it helps you concentrate or enter meditative trances better, then use it in ritual. There is nothing wrong with it.

I totally agree with you that it should be legal but you need to be careful with it. Eventually I came to the point where I had to smoke something before I could go to school or go to work. The more you smoke, the more you need next time to get high. I ended up smoking about 10 joints a day, that's between €400 and €600 per month.

I tried that once but because of my narrow, super conventional, petty-bourgeois neighbors I had to let them grow inside. The quality was surprisingly good but they were too small. After throwing away the male plants I had 7 sensimillas left and that was enough for only 1 week.

Neither, a storage room with a big frosted glass window so the light can go through but you can't see the plants from the outside. plus a mirror to reflect the light to the underside of the plants. I also stressed the plants after harvesting by holding the roots in boiling hot water for 10 seconds. I had to harvest 2 weeks early due to a spider mite infestation.

No drip system, I manually gave them some water every morning. The only nutrients I gave them is some compost in the early growing stage and some wood ashes at the beginning of the flowering stage. I wanted my plants to be as natural as possible.

I'm on medical Mary j. Not only does it help my back and my menstration but I find it easier to dive into a deeper meditative state when doing yoga.

For 4000 years it was the most commonly prescribed pain reliever. Cannabis is also less toxic than aspirin.

Ok the thing about marijuana is this: it's not the herb that's the problem, it's the smoking that's the problem. The act of smoking causes lung cancer, that fact is well established.  Use it, but in another form (such as in tea, or something else like that).  Also, if you've been addicted once, don't use it again: addictions never really go away so if you are presented with the stimulus again it's easy to fall back into the addiction.  Addiction is dangerous no matter the substance in question.  Also in most places it's illegal, so probably a bad idea, even if it's not actually bad for you. 

Well I am glad someone else posted this.  I was starting to think I was the only stoner on this board. lol

I live in a state that has medical marijuana and I have been experimenting  with using it in ritual for the last 6 months  and have had mixed results. The main problem is getting too high and losing focus and or zoning out.  Not helpful for ritual work. I read somewhere (and I apologize for not having the source on hand) that Aleister Crowley recommended only minimal use in ritual. Just enough to get a head change but not get stoned and lose focus.  I have tried this method and found it to be acceptable but not really beneficial to my ritual work.

As others have stated saving the offering until the end of the ritual seems to make the most sense.

I do use marijuana in prayer and meditation on sacred texts. Something that I borrowed from the Rastas. I have found that reading the sacred texts while using cannabis stimulates areas off the brain/psyche that allows you to understand esoteric text in a new light.  Personally I think there is a lot that we can learn from the Rastafarians when it comes to using marijuana and meditating on religious/and or esoteric material.  

The trick is to gage yourself. If you get too stoned, well then you are useless and might as well just watch TV.

Just as with binge drinking of alcohol, bing smoking of pot makes no sense unless your goal is to be completely wasted and useless.   Moderation in all things.

Our dispensaries here sell vape cartridges pre loaded with many different strains for you to chose from. Easy to gage using a vape plus you do not have to worry about smoke bothering the neighbors.


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