As many of you are no doubt aware there are many schools of thought on why we use elements to perceive and use forces.  I'm curious if you believe strongly a particular fashion.  Or perhaps you embrace more options or define the concept of 3 Elements (Air, Water, Earth or Sky, Sea, Land) as means of working within those boundaries; And 4 Elements as Air, Water, Earth and Fire as then having different boundaries.

A question.. :)


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Scientific Atoms (Element Chart) technically are not the smallest building blocks of the matter that we are familiar with today according to Quantum Physics. One exception is has anyone discovered the Graviton today? Not that I am aware of, which causes more problems understanding what Dark Matter is; however, many advanced Nations have proprietary information and technology, so honestly we are a more advanced civilized world than what people give credit for. I am going to share some Metallica here it is quite interesting (everyone knows it is heavy metal, so listen if you want). There are many spheres in the atmosphere two of them being the Magnetosphere and the Ionosphere. There are lots of dooms day approaches that people study now a days. It is possible that our atmosphere could be affected by different things. People talk about the Sun becoming a Super Nova when it burns out and heating Earth up to a 1000 degrees Celsius or more. This kinda beats global warming if you ask me. I am willing to bet that Earth's life as we know it will be destroyed before the end of our Solar System or the Cosmos. The Problem is how and when. If people wish to think only about the Magnetic Field around Earth that helps stop some of the dangerous charged particles from hitting the Earth coming from the Sun what happens if our Magnetic Field just stops or goes away? It would not be good. I claim Fair Use of this song to share with others. Do most of us take serious Dooms Day predictions by Scientists now? My answer would be probably not. So many of us just have our own Personal Apocalypse and just live our lives care free without worrying when or what the end of the world would be.

OK to get back on this subject I reflected on why some people have a problem with their Magic or Magick working. Wiccans and some other Pagans assign direction to their elements. There are many methods you can try to get your Magic or Magick to work. Change of certain practices is good if Magic or Magick is not working for you. An example of a method you can try is to chose between Grid, Magnetic, or True North. True North always stays the same, so if someone were to chose that way then all of their directions for the elements will always be correct.
Here is the link to the formal. Match the elements you know if you can. Enjoy as a puzzle, or for enlightenment.

Where's the linky, FS?
FS you know about Mandalas too? It is a small Occult world =)
WHAT? I think its the magical elements we are discussing,right? Not iron,lead,platinum..ect
Isnt that THREE?
AYE,connecting to oneself,I see as a fine idea BOW!! as I believe magick radiates out from the person.. I'm just grande and you?
70 in VIRGINNY,though finally getting on the 50's and great hot tub weather,skyclad
Research TATTWA because you can mix and match the elements as well.
Like spirit of fire, or fire of water..ect ect

This image is not the best example..but it is one - of many
Thank for sharing that =).
One reason to accept the traditional Fire, Earth, Air, Water elements is to see the behavior in someone who lacks one of these in their horoscope. It does make a difference. All four are needed; if one is lacking, one way that person tries to balance them self out is by being attracted to another person who is strong in their missing Element.

One good way to study the Elements is studying the Tarot’s Minor Arcane in relation to the 10 Sephirot of the Kabbalah.
I stick with the Four Element paradigm.

When thinking if Spirit could be an Element too, first I thought no because Spirit is from a higher plane of existence and not in the material world, then thought, well, perhaps Spirit is an immaterial Element, e.g. an animating Element, but then decided against that too because Spirit isn’t a stand alone Element like Fire Earth Air and Water because these four Elements also need the vital force of spirit to animate them too. The dictionary defines spirit as;

1.a. The vital principle or animating force within living beings. b. Incorporeal consciousness. 2. The soul, considered as departing from the body of a person at death. 3. Spirit. The Holy Spirit. 4. Spirit. Christian Science. God. 5. A supernatural being, as: a. An angel or a demon. b. A being inhabiting or embodying a particular place, object, or natural phenomenon. c. A fairy or sprite. 6.a. The part of a human being associated with the mind, will, and feelings:

All of these definitions suggest that Spirit is operating from a different plane of existence then that of the four traditional elements, yet has the power to animate corporal life, including animating the psychological principles embodied in the traditional four elements.

And if one should say spirit is an incorporeal element existing outside of material existence, then wouldn’t that open to door for many more elements too, like the Soul, would that be another element, a sixth element? And the stuff the Gods and Goddesses are made of, wouldn’t that be a seventh element? And our Will could be composed by still another element. And so to avoid the complications of all these additional incorporeal elements, it simplifies things by the use of the planes of existence paradigm, that the maternal plane is composed of four elements, but the vital force animating them emanates from a higher plain of existence, and there are still higher planes beyond that.

We may all think of it differently and this post is about how I reasoned it out, is how I think of it.

BB Blessed Ones.
Thankyou Starguy.. :)

I like to think of the planes as gateways around a clearing, rather than higher or lower. They don't seem to have a rank structure, just merely exist.


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