This is likely not the place for this and if folks correct me I would have to Blog it and nuke this thread, too... (sigh)


But just when the "A High Pagan CounciL...?" thread was getting places it was killed.  I believe that it is the sole privilege of the OP creator to do so.  I understand where threads get out of hand and destabilize.  But if one puts forth a discussion it will get somewhat out of control.  When a thread is deleted all that time, effort and discussion does go away without recovery or showing of that labor.


I guess all I'm saying is that even a "bad" discussion might have some value to others and/or future searchers.  I hope that folks don't kill threads without a specific cause. 


And yes, one could start another and put all that time in... again. But it's kinda frustrating, redundant and work intensive. 

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"What happened this time?... "


Search me. 


"For once I missed the controversy, though I did add to the discussion and found it a worthy question."


I call not it. :)  But yes it did seem worthy.  Hence my butthurt.  I'll get over it.  *sniff*


"It was definitely a breeding ground for new thought and understanding as to what it means to be pagan."


Which would be a point of Discussion, if not the point. 

The Dude abides.

The way this site is policed is way out of wack and unbalanced.

In case you're under the assumption that I closed & deleted the thread you're referencing (pagan council, which judging by your comment above it dictates that assumption), you are incorrect, the OP deleted it not me. Just clearing that up. Have a great weekend!

LOL... I hardly ever delete threads, I close them sometimes but I don't usually delete them... well unless they're -->weally, weally bad ....LOL

For better or worse, P-Space is not a happy-friendly place and it requires a thick skin.  I blame you not one iota. 


Best of luck in your travels.   

"Yeah Dave, I guess it does require a rather thick skin in order to tolerate being called a fucking murderer. If that sort of thing is tolerated here, then I guess I don't need to be here."


I didn't say you should tolerate it.  I would happily support you against this person.  But honestly P-Space might as well be the Wild West.  I've engaged in a twenty page knock-down drag out "discussion" with a ZOG racist puke during which he challenged me to "single combat" aka common law assault.  I did ask for his banning but it didn't happen.  He eventually rage deleted his account.    


"I wonder how quickly I would have been banned if I started calling you folks a bunch of Godless heathens (which is not how I feel by the way,j ust an example). My guess is rather quickly."


*shrug* I called out an individual for discrimination against Asatru.  I was the one who got the public warning and pointed to the TOS. 


My guess is that since you just memorialized your intention you've just put yourself on the radar.  Sorry.  No one said life is fair. 


Please don't shoot the messager. 

If you have an issue then you should report it. It's a bit hard to know about your issue when you don't report it. So, you really can't blame the site if you failed to take the steps implemented to allow me to look into it. Obviously, I cannot know what's going on in every inch of this site anymore than you could. And I wouldn't ban you if you called me a Godless Heathen, I'd probably giggle but I wouldn't ban


Oh and this is to David: If there was a racist on this site, as there have been some they HAVE been BANNED, so if you're going to post that kind of data get your facts straight. I have never tolerated that on this site and have removed every one of them that I have been aware of.

well for those that did not mean to get out of hand my apologies.  people were being rather rude so i crashed it.  the high pagan council idea has begun any ways it on fb and starting a website.

In my opinion, or, 'I feel', this does not exactly look like the most sober post I ever read. But that is just how I feel.


'Rude'?! Jayzus please, everyone get a grip and do something against the inflationary dramatizations when it comes to discussions online. And to you, Silvauria, you can't possibly blame spelling when I criticise a not exactly fitting choice of vocabulary.

Thank you.



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