Throw-back Thursday: What ideas aren't you willing to consider?

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Jung showed that dipolar polarities are always actually quadrupoles so restricting yourself to two sides is artificially limiting. Further, both Jung, Alchemy and Occult philosophy shows that polarities are an illusion caused by the limits of ego consciousness’ need to classify. There are no polarities in the unconscious. There are no polarities, only frames of reference depending on which way you look at reality. Reality is one undivided field. I prefer to look at it as a multifaceted jewel, whose view changes as you rotate it from one facet to another allowing the polarities to collapse by transcending the single view in which they reside. Therefore, I’m less concerned about ideas of good/evil, right/left, or above/below, and more interested in the give and take of equilibrium. Imbalance, ungrounded flow, and feedback are the killers. Hubris is dangerous because it is an unbalanced position that invites (guarantees) feedback. Everything casts a shadow, every action has its reaction, and every pendulum swings more than one way. That is, however, not a reason to shackle yourself to dipolar views of reality.

"Hubris is dangerous because it is an unbalanced position that invites (guarantees) feedback"

If only we could be less human, that's what I would call "reality", just being a lapdog for anyone's stoic fetish, regardless of how stupid that might be. So stupid is also "reality"

I'm not sure how to interpret that response, so I'll add my example that I didn't get to post earlier due to network issues.

Morality is not sticking your finger in a live electrical socket. If you do put your finger in a live electrical socket, barring the heart, it’s not the electrical current that does the damage, but the natural resistance of your body interfering with current that creates heat, which results in nasty burns. This is the feedback. In curse work when you channel the energy for the curse, if it meets any resistance inside you, then it generates the “heat” that eventually burns you—metaphorically speaking. This is why the old gypsy woman’s curse is so powerful. Her culture provides a low resistance channel, which allows the whole curse to hit you like a lightning bolt while her finger doesn’t even smoke. Of course, her culture is to be a pariah in everybody else’s culture, so there are always trade-offs as any engineer can tell you.

What ideas aren't you willing to consider?-

Consciousness is all that is,

Nope, can't go there. That is more dogma, and I would not even go as far as to call it fiction. Consciousness not being three dimensional is just the beginning, and by the way, to add insult to injury, there is no such thing as "perfection" or "quantum oneness", in nature or anywhere else. At least nowhere in real time science.

Scientifically speaking, those concepts are bogus and are born out of new age populist and white mystic dogma..

And outside of science, and in my opinion, your soul is not "all there is".

comprising all thought, energy, emotion, experience, sensation, perception, reality, dimensions, self-hood,

That I can live with.

the omniverse so forth.

Again, populist mythos.

For people who just cannot accept or even grasp the vast nature of the known universe, as well as the primordial concept of cosmic evolution, omniverse is a fictional futuristic concept, that does not apply in real time, but is often sensationalized by real science.

One thing you left out is synchronicity. In psychoanalysis this is interesting because even though it cannot be measured or quantified, synchronicity does exist as something outside of coincidental happening or three dimensional computation..

What is Synchronicity?

The term synchronicity is coined by Jung to express a concept that belongs to him: the acausal connection of two or more psychic and physical phenomena.

This may be inborn, but for most people who have this experience, it is something that develops over time, and through the process of divination/and/or meditative mind expansion. It's a "third eye" concept. It gets to the level where one has this experience on a daily basis, and is often in sync with a multi dimensional being that you are connected to, or one that has connected with you. But not all the time. Sometimes, it often happens outside any connection with a "shadow self". This does not happen typically by accident, but I cannot speak to what other people attract to themselves and by what means.

That my sound funny and contradictory, but personal experience is the best teacher for this. In the Satanic Bible, for example, a description of this kind of phenomenon is given by Anton LaVey. It turns out to be more fact, than fiction, in the realm of personal experience. It may vary with the individual, especially anyone who has no connection to demonology, or who would live in fear or doubt of such a thing.

Today, I saw one of those magnets that asks "What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail", and my immediate gut response was "Raise the Dead!" (as a zombie army, of course.)

I have to take a painstakingly unpopular approach to this, which is usually par for the course. I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard a media new ager  define his or her own version of "reality" to the populist masses who, then, in arduous search for "new white light meanings" to everything, get in line, lock step, like jack booted thugs, every time they are reminded of it.  So, if what you see is what you believe in, then believe only half of what you see, and none of what you hear.

But be damned if I would not have known, that space and time are an illusion! That space in your kitchen cabinet, illusion. Paganspace; illusion. That space between you and the car in front of you, illusion. No wonder there are so many tailgaters. Have to be at work @ 7:00 AM; illusion. That planet you live on; illusion. That moon and nature you worship; illusion. It’s utterly hopeless and irreconcilable in logical expression..

That white light you visualize and physically succumb to, REALITY, now that MAKES A LOT OF SENSE. Light being matter is presumably oxymoronic. But you get no argument from me when it comes to bits, pieces, and fragments of acausal experiences in dreams, meditations, or rituals. Because if you experienced it, even psychically, then if only for a fleeting moment, it is real. Cool with that.


1.) The quality or state of being actual or true.

2.) A person, entity, or event, that is actual. (don't forget to fact check "actual") The totality of all things possessing actuality, existence, or essence.

3.) That which exists objectively (not subjectively) and in fact.

4.) The sum of all that is real, absolute, and unchangeable.

Enough said.

These now common place, wholesale, dime a dozen, garden variety intellectual types often draw analogies between what we perceive by our five senses, and what is perceived in other dimensions, or universes, if you please. Now a "dimension" is being aligned with "universe", which only makes sense in the objective. But it gets even trickier than that, once you start comparing three dimension to four dimension. In order to grasp the curvature of space/time, for example, a fourth dimension is necessary. OK cool! Because if it doesn't go up, down, over, or out, it's not three dimensional. Just as light only CURVES a bit, because of interaction w/ another fourth dimensional force, so to speak, gravity. Which makes light essentially nothing more than matter.

Space/time in and of itself, also comes fraught with all kinds of nooks and crannies, like a fabric. So what you see, think, or feel, is not always what you get. You also need a fourth dimension to "time travel". Time travel to where? assuming there is destination involved.

And, it gets even trickier, because, according to all known laws of physics, you also need to travel at the speed of light, the universal speed limit, in order to time travel to the future, beyond what we normally do. To travel from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM, that's still time traveling into the future, but not enough to "slow down" time, objectively speaking.

The new age of IZ REALITY dictates that there is this “thing” separate and distinct from your senses, separate and distinct from objectivity, that can only be perceived beyond the three dimensional, is vastly infinite in it's diversity,  and makes up "All there is". One IZ fits all, and all IZ fits one. NICE! Therefore, do not be deceived by your 5 physical senses. One could end up becoming ignorant, immoral, and this will make you illiterate! You may even become evil.

You also need a fourth dimension, a fifth, or even more dimensions to find a place to comprehend psychic phenomena, which makes obvious sense. And as always, we will continuously use the term “dimension” out of it’s usual objective context, as we continue to evolve with our perceptions of IZ REALITY.

See if you can follow where I'm going with this;

The entire problem gets to be in this infinite paradox,  in such awesome diversity and infinity, wonder, splendor, and grandeur, NONE of these well seasoned  intellects, mystics, psychics, or charlatans can describe it in any kind of diversity or detail, or make any practical sense out of it, without taking some of your money, of course. They often willingly admit, if they are even halfway honest about it, that they know little to nothing about it’s totality, and can do even less to explain it, or quantify it. And even worse, everyone has their own version, or theory, of what obscurity they explain, that they cannot explain, and make logical sense out of it. NICE!

Howz that for diversity? This is what you swallow for IZ REALITY. Explain all you want, go for it! I’m confused. Would you send your kids to that kind of school?

After all, the charlatan intelects are very invested in what they do, playing the Devil’s game, but refusing to use the Devil’s name. It’s just the way the world has evolved, thanks to mass media hysterium.


Where up is down, right is wrong, black is white, night is day, evil is good, madness is sanity etc. Compare this to sticking your little pinky up in front of your nose, between your eyeballs and play parallax with it, and give a vivid three dimensional description of it, which should not be too hard to do, or cause too much debate, controversy, or discussion..

Lastly, all you lowly mundanes out there, please be advised. Your 5 senses, piloted by your brain functions, are no longer valid, making things much more complicated for modern society to deal with reality. As if the masses needed more complication. Your brain is but an over rated  limited output contraption used to process the data. The mind is only “limitless” in a sense that it could theoretically and continuously process more data, whether  it becomes useless, or not. It could certainly outlast your body, but that is not saying much.

Just follow the media white lighters, and NOT your instincts. After all, they are well educated, well versed, and well researched in such things. They write books, research papers, travel extensively to conferences to soak up more group think, and report it all back to you.

You are hereby being put on notice, your senses do nothing more than enable you to eat, sleep, mate, and defend, so don't get your hopes up.

So, all experience is subjective and objectivity is only a consensus of multiple subjective opinions.

 "Whatever you do, don't think about the blue elephant. :)"

I only think about the “little blue frog”, whenever I get together with Miles. Don’t know anything about any blue elephant. (your subjective opinion?) frog

Listen to this for at least a half hour, and you just might be able to get your head screwed on straight.

"So, all experience is subjective and objectivity is only a consensus of multiple subjective opinions".

You got it backwards, All experience is objective, and subjectivity is a consensus of multiple subjective experiences, not opinions. Subjectivity has nothing to do w/ objectivity, except that it exists separately as an opposite. One can experience subjectivity. If not, then subjectivity becomes nothing more than an anomaly.

"Opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one."


I didn't say that!!

"For all the naysayers who bastardize technology, but put up with phony unsubstantiated concepts of reality and science, I say, put it up your asses, sideways!"

I didn't say that either!!

You know, I went through a lot of trouble to get my head unscrewed so I'm not sure I want it screwed up again. It sounds like you're suggesting one can experience objective reality. I'm not necessarily opposed to that, but I do wonder how common an experience that is.

"I do wonder how common an experience that is."

I have no idea.

If anyone thinks objectivity is not reality, I can't help them with that either. That would be their opinion.

What then, should be the proper response to being presented ideas you are not willing to consider?

ideas you are not willing to consider?

Slash and burn anything contradictory to the harshness of:


1.) The quality or state of being actual or true.

2.) A person, entity, or event, that is actual. (don't forget to fact check "actual") The totality of all things possessing actuality, existence, or essence.

3.) That which exists objectively (not subjectively) and in fact.

4.) The sum of all that is real, absolute, and unchangeable


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