Throw-back Thursday: What ideas aren't you willing to consider?

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Wish I had been there for all of that!

I can still remember reading The Illuminatis! trilogy - my first reaction was "What the actual fuck am I reading?!?!" :)

I think I was about 18 at the time. wow... that was a bit ago.

Whatever you do, don't think about the blue elephant. :)

If You Free The Blue Elephant The Blue Elephant Shall Free You


"If You Free The Blue Elephant The Blue Elephant Shall Free You"

Goddamned if he goes out and finds a blue elephant

Whenever you have a guy who cross dresses a medieval wizard, with a circus clown, you have "The Pope"

"but a finite mind in a finite time-space continuum cannot consider all possible ideas."

There is no definition of, or for, "infinite mind". That is white mystic gobble gobble. What evidence is there for an infinite mind, when no one can even give a scientific explanation for what "mind" is? How about "narrow mind" IE reality tunnel?

Sure, you can hypothesize anything, if that is your way. You can hypothesize whatever you want, and it may even be reality to YOU, but your reality and mine are not necessarily going to jive. When it comes to reality, I consider myself to be a critical thinker, and not a gopher for anything sensational, (B/S bullshit belief systems) because it may be popular or fasionable sensationalism.

Fuck all that!

"or the willingness to shun an idea without even considering it,"

Let's put it this way, it depends on how much time you have to waste on unfruitive ideas. Some people have lots of time to waste, and it may be a good way for them to pass the time.

"If we can't view it, have no means to measure it, how could we ever presume to take a hard stance on it?

I would say, Sin, that life somewhere out in interstellar space is a possibility, but based on my own critical evaluation of entertaining all sides of the coin, I have to give it a thumbs down.

You have to remember, that many scientists who popularize this idea are out for money, for themselves and their research institutes, and notoriety. One could say 'alterior motivation' and it's OK to play w/ other people's money. It's entirely another thing to finance it yourself.

There are massive technological problems, ha ha, to say the very minimum, of traveling @ the speed of light.

Not to be a stick in the mud, here, but one of the problems I have w/ overnite sensationalizing life out in space, is that there is no proof at all in existence. It would be impossible to travel through the interstellar medium in order to find such proof, and if such travel indeed becomes possible, you would have to find a way to shield long term, long distance space travelers from the deadly effects of gamma radiation that permeates every square inch of the interstellar medium, and of which there is no known way to shield it.

This is a huge problem even within our own solar system.

Also, it is not humanly possible to survive the effects of lack of gravity. Gravity is essential to life, as we know it, anywhere, or on the way there, and there is no substitute for it.

It is hypothesized, however, according to Hawking, that a pactical way to achieve this would be to "genetically modify" space travelers in order to bolster their resistance to the harmfull effects of gamma. Perhaps Hawking could start by genetically modifying himself.

"If we can't view it, have no means to measure it, how could we ever presume to take a hard stance on it?"

That is precisely my point. But one guess is NOT as good as another, because very simply put, there is no proof, and there is no way to prove it within the context of the space time continuum in which we currently exist, and quite frankly, are stuck with. There is no way for Hollywood, or anyone else to "B/S" their way through that, but it definately makes for good entertainment, and "fantasy reality"

I have a little collection of those sci fi movies myself.

We Are Now Approaching Infinite Mind

( White Mystic Gobble Gobble )

And Those Aliens Are Right Behind You , You Just Can't See Them

Dimensional Interface Via Harmonic Frequency Determines Perceptibility

"There is no definition of, or for, "infinite mind".

That is white mystic gobble gobble. What evidence

is there for an infinite mind, when no one can even

give a scientific explanation for what "mind" is?"

Mind Is The Consciousness

Infinite Mind Is The Union Of Local And Non Local Consciousness

Simple enough...;)

Does anyone mind that explanation ?

That Turkey hat is really cool. It reminds me of one of my old teachers, ha ha .

Given, that is a fair explanation.

"Must reading for alternative health care professionals, for scientists, and for lay people seeking improved health, a richer personal life and spiritual enlightenment. Infinite Mind: Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness presents the first comprehensive human energy field model based on 25 years of sophisticated electronic field research and extensive clinical studies. It clarifies metaphysical deductions from physics, evaluates clinical suppositions, and should supercede the ancient inadequate explanations of the past. The reader is taken on a journey of discovery into the vibrant electromagnetic radiation field as it changes during human interaction and with environmental conditions. Simple research graphics show the correlations of field waves and auric colors and the field coherency and anti-coherency in health and illness. The authors major discovery of the human filed chaos pattern, the first ever demonstrated in biological systems, has profound implications for healing. These energy field findings, combined with human interest stories, lead to stunning new information about the mind and body, the emotions and creativity, extrasensory human capacities in higher consciousness, and the mystical connections of spirit."

Any takers?

There you go, dazzle them with brilliance, or baffle them with bullshit, all at the same time.

I still don't know why they use the term "INFINITE". One would need to give a scientific explanation of the consciousness of DEATH, in order to clarify exactly what "Infinite Mind" is trying to sell you. After all, if you die, and that's it, there goes the "infinite mind" with you, six feet in the hole.

However, if you die, and you go somewhere else, and that gets very very complicated, you wallow your consciousness in the "Akkashic Field" theory. (back by popular demand)

There still is no scientific study that can map out, or clarify 'infinity' of mind, or even consciousness in the after life. We have to take white mystic gobble gobble as the gospel for that, or we have to take the alternate "sinister path", and take our chances from there.

Good answer :

My answer :

Consciousness Of Death : Weyyrd Stream

Which could be seen as perception of what is

called by some the Akashic Records Program...

Yet to me , this would also include the possibility

matrix , and choice of which direction to go from there...

And , of course , that *could* bring in , ( or not ) ,

the idea of harmonic interface , vibratory levels , karma ,

astral imprinting , ritual pathworking in preparation for death

or passage through bardos or duat , etc...

And , if one wanted to cover all bases , the experience of ,

as my Tradition calls it , the Sinasdar Path , that of left hand spin...

( by the way , thanks for heads up on book )

I shall have to consider it. :)

I wonder if I am "allowed" to?

Talk To Bob Before You Consider It

Otherwise Your Brain Could Explode


Mr McKee, beware,

There are many things I am not willing to consider!


Not sure why I should beware of that, but.... whatever blows your skirt up my friend. :)


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