Throw-back Thursday: What ideas aren't you willing to consider?

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Dave Pellani wrote:

I prefer to call this nonsense.…. It could never go beyond fantasy, much less theory. I would not call this a theory. It does indeed qualify as speculation or science fiction. The universe consists of causal impersonal matter and energy, it is hostile to the causal human existence. A “conscious universe” is an oxymoron.. There is an existence of a conscious self, in space time.

I am afraid I am going to have to call "BS" on this... I am using the "BS" of Robert Wilson here which means "Belief System", and not what you first thought, but they are close...

You state with full the confidence of a self evident principle (as if self evident principle could exist) that the universe consists of "causal impersonal matter and energy" - as if that statement alone makes it true. It does not.

Nor does the minuscule amount of observations we have made in the last few decades against the billions of years, not to mentions the innumerable expanse of the universe, show any such thing. The deeper we look, the crazier it gets.

The fact is there is much evidence that demonstrates the complete opposite of your statement. In fact that is part of the crazy - there is lots of evidence that the universe is both conscious, as well as evidence that it is not - kind of like that whole "wave/particle" duality conundrum...

But whatever - I don't two fnords about what reality tunnel someone chooses to live in, the bottom line is: We don't really know shit about the universe or consciousness, so making absolute type statements about either is rather foolish in my estimation....

But then again, that is my BS. :)

I call and raise you two fnords,f_auto,w_620/v1406807829/gsbhy0fctdscm8ccfshe.jpg

In My Search For Consciousness Particulates

I Met One That Loved To Articulate

I Stood And Observed Every Wave That I Heard

And Did Not Judge Where It Chose To Matriculate

This is going to get a little messy, because I started it in two different formats.

Well guys, Let me explain further.

"Spooky action at a distance"

Yes I'm familiar with it.

First off, It makes no difference to me if consciousness has a related particle or not. Really, no kidding! Just like gravity, we know consciousness exists. Just like gravity particles have never been found as yet. There are some scientists who think that consciousness is an illusion. Of course, I do not agree with that, it's rediculous.

However, Einstein was not right (or correct) about everything, and I will explain that in another myth episode. He was limited, for one thing, by the very lack of technology that existed in his day, so he relied on the power of his mathematical brain, and sense of intuition, which I'm not sure if he was aware of his overall intuitive abilities. Can't speak for that, but I would guess that Einstein used his intuitive sense as much as he used his analytical sense.

That being said, the point of consciousness particles is interesting, but I perhaps spoke in somewhat dogmatic fasion about  "consciousness is not a particle", even though no such particle has been found.

It is theorized that there are particles smaller and more elusive than the Higgs, of course, sub atomic particles that have not been located. The "consciousness particle" may actually be one of those particles, but until they find one, then it is only another theory. That is my whole point.

Unveiling the fog between pseudo science and hard science is a different story. The evidence, OR PROOF, of atomic or subatomic particles in quantum physics is always determined by detection via scientific equipment and experimentation, and not by mystics, or innumerable theories.

There are particles that are theorized to exist, such as Dark Matter and Dark Energy, that have not yet been found. I will throw gravity in with this, as "gravity particles" have not been detected, but again, yet we know these forces exist. It's an interesting theory though because of the dynamics that seem to be bound by these forces that are causing profound movements or stasis of galaxies to occur in the universe. One force gives order to the universe, IE Gravity and Dark matter, and the other force seems to be causing the rapid expansion of the universe IE Dark Energy, a form of "anti gravity".

"Higgs Field, in particle physics, an energy field or fields in what would otherwise be considered a perfect vacuum. Higgs fields are the theoretical construct of a British physicist, Peter W. Higgs, who developed them to help account for the particles known as massive gauge bosons without breaking the symmetry laws of modern physics. The concept has been used in an attempt to develop a unified field theory incorporating all the fundamental interactions of matter. Support for the concept has been found in recent particle discoveries. One of the Higgs fields calls for the existence of a so-called Higgs particle, which would be a boson with no intrinsic spin or electric charge. This particle has not yet been observed."

This was information that was out in early 2000. Since then the Large Haydron Collider was built, and the Higgs boson was finally detected, giving the particle the notoriety it was theorized to have for decades. Of course, it cost about 30 billion to find it.

Here is an article pertaining to what they call “panpsychism”, which tends to support my argument. Interestingly enough, I did not know that such a term even existed.

Another interesting BBC article follows pertaining to this topic.

SunKat posted this; Facebook Shut Down AI After It Invented Its Own Language

Visions of "lawnmower man" dance thru my Imagination,

What is the spirt world making of AI?

Honestly, the fear-mongering on the issue of AI is irrational.  It's like a fear of clowns.  We are in a technological age.   Sci-Fi has probably been the most influential on the imagination.  This form of entertainment breaches all of the moral triggers so we don't have to deal with the hysteria later.

Joker (DC Comics character).jpg

Image result

I would never ever consider owning or riding in a driverless car!!!!!!!!!!!


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