Let us begin with my stating that time is invaluable. Some might argue that "time is a tool to have a sense of structure for life on earth," or something to that general effect, and they would be right. However, assuming we could totally annihilate our paradigm regarding time as it is relevant to the earth and its revolutions around the sun, its revolutions around its own axis, which we cannot, we would still age. And then I met a man from Paraquasar Three who said to me catch a man a fish and he can eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he can stink up the whole town. I found this humorous because the interstellar unity in all peaches is so astronomically juicy that it was worth taking a bite of. I sat in my room after all of my toil and played Xbox until I was spawn camped for the third time on Call of Nudity, so I screamed gibberish at the top of my lungs and made a bagel. The tree came forth and said "You, who hath shared my barky bosom, take of me a single leaf, and marry my daughter, you have my blessing" and so I did. By this point so many ipods had suffocated, that I could no longer ignore it, so with febreeze in hand, I took to the streets, aerating the asses of people whose pockets had gaseously terminated the lives of thousands of noble applications. I wonder....if you are still reading this ;p consider the title and maybe you will find meaning that I chose to share while at the same time humoring myself to no end ;p best of luck on your travels. if you have made it this far, I bless you with an important quote: "We all have time to spend and time to waste, and it is our choice what to do with it. But remember, once it has been used up, you can never get it back"

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All I've been able to think about all week is that I have two puppies at home who are growing daily and I'm missing out.  Working out of town is exhausting and hotel rooms smell funny.  TV is a lame companion.  Training is exhausting even when I'm sitting on my butt most of the time.  I'm tired of eating out and I'm sick of the food I have stashed in this room with a really hard bed.  If time could speed up to tomorrow evening, I would be at home with my love and my puppies, lying on a really comfortable bed in a house that smells familiar.   Mmm, the smell of home.

...I'm worried that my new more relaxed self is making it apparent just how strange I am to the boss-lady, so I am going to line up job references and start looking for work...

I talk to my best friend's cellphone a lot in text. His name is Stanley. No, not my friend, the cellphone.  They both live in England, where it is very wet and cold.

I ordered my bestie a waterproof backpack, very posh one.  I have convinced him that what he's going to be getting by parcel post in a few days is an inflatable love sheep.

I will have sex on Saturday and sex on Sunday.  Saturday involves a married couple, Sunday involves my Lady.

Life is good.

Well, there is only two weeks until the end anyway :)

I got this the other day, thought it was worth putting on this thread

Good quote.  Though, no, most of us would not draw out every cent.  Unfortunately because of lack of REAL funds and human limitations, we only get to enjoy about less than half of that "money".  The rest is spent sleeping and working and dealing with familial needs.   So most people can only enjoy at best maybe a 3rd and after such a day of losses, some might only be able to just enjoy the fact that however briefly the "money" is there.

I am both surprised and pleased that this discussion got such a vibrant focus ;p not numerous, but definitely vibrant ;p and id prefer it that way anyways ;p What pleases me the most is the diversity in responses that I have seen and even more so, the introvert thought it has brought in us (since I myself am included in that list). And Christina, great addition ;p

Lets be realistic ;p we can preach that you can spend time or waste time and you should strive to spend it, but every single one of us will have some moments where we spend time, and other moments where we waste it ;p im not gonna recite a come to jesus testimony about how if you waste time you are going to hell or something, at the very base of it, if you are at peace with life, and if you can accept your life choices (even the bad/potentially regrettable ones), I dont think that is time wasted at all. Live life, that is the key ;p dont just watch life pass from a distance ;p The only wasted life, is theo ne that never lived ;p

Yep, that's the secret of life right there in my opinion. So long as you're content overall with yourself, the time wasted and the time spent on the whole, it all comes out good and there's no reason for regret.

LMFAO! That febreeze idea gives quite the mental image lol

I think I waste too much time, but "never regret anything that made you smile" 

"Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted." - John Lennon


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