ok...here goes...i hate cliches...i really really really hate cliches...even down here in the underground i hate cliches...i mean really...i cant stand seeing these all over the place; fairies, drum circles, cloaks, "scary spooky" screen names, anything to do with charmed or twilight, vampires in general, angels (very high on my s-list), wolf totems (your spirit animal is the cockroach get over it), trying to act all mystical and mysterious, did i meantion cloaks?, "mystical" pen names (theres one in particular that bugs me but shes uber popular so i guess id better keep that to myself) i mean i just cannot take you seriously if you go by johnny winter winds or mary starchild...yawwwwwwnnnnnn...i guess i'll post soon about names and identity in general but i just wanted to get that off my chest...sometimes i feel so very solitary because i just cannot accept these (to me) out moded and out dated symbols...so should i just turn in my pagan card now? cancel my membership because i reject these things that so many cherish?
i got to really thinking about this as i was reading the june esbat in sandra kynes otherwise incredible book and im thinking to myself "really? drum circle?"...as a music lover and devotee it disturbs my musical soul to endure a bunch of stoned hippies (hey now i am very very very liberal) do a drum circle to whatever "rhythm" is in thie rheads...same with tone deaf pagans...no thanks...i find the whole concept of a drum circle to be cultural thievery as well...its like taking from a particular people but not really giving back to that culture..but we're honoring it by using it in our path...no youre trampling all over it with your co-opting...its like when hot topic sells punk and goth stuff; it looks and sound punky gothic but when you scratch off the thin veneer the heart is gone...im not going to say stop doing it because i know it helps many...im just stating that for me, in this path, im good thanks...just to let you know however that to compromise in the background i will be playing peter gabriel's rhythm of the heat...oh i hear you screaming at that one but someday i'll write about that...
anyway thats me..am i a "new" type of pagan? or just some cliched hipster trying to be all different...

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Except oncologist don't claim they can cure depression, bedwetting, autism, cross-eyes, diabetes, etc.

Science is not absolute, but we can at least tell what's bullshit and what's not.

The point is chiropractic medicine works for things like muscle injuries, spinal injuries etc. It does not work for everything. Chiropractors who are honest with their patients are fine. Chiropractors who bullshit their patients, I disagree with.
You just love that word bullshit,dont you?
Would you prefer malarky? Hogwash? codswallop? crapola? horse pucky?
Do I look like I would care? YOUR choice.
If you don't care then why are you posting about it?
I dont care which word you choose. I find it so silly that so much is bullshit to you.
That's true, Lady Cullen. As a nurse, I know of several traditionally trained doctors who are absolutley un-reliable, un-ethical and should lose their license, but it certainly doesn't mean they are all bad. I really like my doctor, I know he was trying to help and doing what he does best. However, it just didn't work for me and so I went the more natural path. My best advice when dealing with ANY health care professional? Ask any and all questions you want/need to ask and if they act put out by that or won't take the time to answer, find a new one!!
Oh, Honey, I know that to be true!! I and my husband, take in a list of questions with us, and if the doctor does not want to answer them, I thank them for their time, and leave. I have dealt with the VA long enough to know that not only is it a series of training hospitals, but you never have the same doctor twice. I practically have to have my entire medical record memorized, so I can give the history every time I go in. I fired a doctor for his archaic use of treatments that have been shown not to provide relief or a cure. My records are all stamped with "Do Not use layman's terms, understands medical terminology." I have had a couple of doctors, who upon reading that stamp, have referred me to someone else, as they are not happy with patients who know their bodies that well, or who ask questions. Those are the types that I find non-credible
I've had a different experience with the VA.
Do tell. Not all VA's are the same. I have utilized the services of Salt Lake, San Antonio, Phoenix, Sioux Falls, and Minneapolis. Each is different in the care they give their patients, some specializing in different areas than others.
My cousin is currently a VA doc here in Wyoming, but he hates the way they do things and is leaving it. The only run ins I have had with them is talking to them on the phone regarding patients. I think it depends a lot on the doc.
when I was in San Antonio, I used the hospital on Lackland AFB rather than the VA. The VA's I've used are Boston, Naples, Richmond, Shreveport, and now Nashville. All of them have been adequate. At each one I saw the same PCM. I will say that the one in Boston is the best one I've been to. The richmond one is kinda cool cause it uses robots.


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