Does anyhone know of any spells or techniques to send a physical message back in your past timeline. I have read about the egregore Fotamecus in Chaos Magick and also mirror scrying.

I believe in both physical and astral time travel.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated 

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There are several Methods of time travel both physical and mental that are known in traditionalist circles apart from the obvious one of consulting the akashic records. Firstly you could find a time traveler or a gatefairer both categories of mage do exuist and are findable if you know how to look. Of course it helps to know the signs....

You could also find an active portal...

Then there is the invocation "I call upon the Mighty ones who ride the Winds of Time...

There are also a series of memory keys that tune into the different kinds of memory...

Thank you for this information.

I have read about the Akashic records and have a basic understanding of how to consult through meditation.

When you refer to a time traveller or gatefairer, are you referring to sigils here?

Portals I'm not sure of how to find. I know they differ from vortexes as no spirits can cross here and have read that they can be found with EMF meters, dowsing rods

The invocation I am not aware of, after reciting this verse, do you then list your desired request i.e date and place in time to which you wish to travel.  

Memory keys again not heard of

Would you be able to provide me with futher information or directions to these

By Time travelers and gate fairers I refer to living humans with the ability to move between the worlds or in time. For example I know a time traveler and on several occasions I have had interesting adventures in physical time travel in their company.

The portals to which I refer are areas that exist temporarily in some locations where by people can step physically into another time. The is for example the famous case of the ladies at Versailles who witnessed scenes from the french revolution in physical form. I know of several other examples of this phenomenon in recent times.

The invocation is part of a more complex ritual which it would take to long to gdescribe in detail here. It is wellknown in certain traditionalist sources so I just wanted to see if you knew it.

The are seven emory keys that tune the consciousness to different aspects including past lives genetic memories and also the akashic records and psycometry (Memory of objects). For information on this subject join the Facebook group The Temple of Ancient Wisdom (Australia) and ask Rev Leonie for further information.

Again I thank you for this information.

I was most interested in your opening sentence where not only do you have knowledge of a traveller but have shared in this physical experience. I have an urgent need to travel back or have a physical message delivered and am researching all possible means of achieving this including the occult and equipment including Hyper Dimensional Resonators.

Can I ask the method used for the traveller and yourself and would it be possible to share this information or obtain an introduction to this friend.

Look forward to hearing from you 


I just physically held the time travelers hand then everything went blank and there was a whirling sensation and we emerged in the court yard of a pub in Ireland in 1758! The time traveler "did the driving" and since they like pubs----

As far as I know the time traveler did not use any spells or equipment, the just seem to have a natural ability to move in time. gate farers however use both spells and "equipment to move between the worlds , at least the ones I have Journeyed with did!


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