We just got back from a 10 day camping outing at Grandfather Mts in North Carolina for one of our Scottish Fests. We did OK,but I am interested in ALL pointers on camping. TARPS,is the key word with camping on a mountain,with the rain. Anyone use the portable showers? Sleeping bags come in many varieties too,any expert advice? We've camped in tents,RVS,pop ups......What about everyone else? and/or favorite camping areas? I'd enjoy a cross country excursions,but would want the RV.....Anyone done thius?

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It has been forever since I have been in the woods for any extended amount of time -- Being on a mountain, I would probably put my tent on some point of elevation and dig a small trench to allow for water run-off. Not to mention having a cot or something to keep you off of the ground -- Keep your sleeping bag in a garbage bag when not in use, keeps the bugs out.

Excellent scout advice. I was an assistant scoutmaster and boys were always shocked when we told them the dangers of too much clothing and of sitting too close to the fire/heat source. Sweating causes hypothermia very easily.

Take it easy on the scented items...laundry additives, cosmetics, hairsprays, deodorants...all that stuff buts love that stuff and will eat you alive. Mascara has got to be one of the biggest bug attractants on earth. Don't ask me how I know this! And the damn little critters are buzzing your eyes! *shudders*


WE only use our Caravan here in Europe mostly France and Spain as well as the UK 

REcently spent 2 weeks in Devon thoroughly relaxing and we are going to Spain which can be a little awkward when it comes to saying prayers but hey need the challenge but it must be decades since I used a tent,  and here in the UK and Europe open fires are just no longer allowed except on the beach and then not everywhere 

This is our outfit (towcar + caravan) although since that was taken we have changed the towcar I know that those of you in the US would call this a Towed RV 

Here's looking forward to September and 4 weeks in Southern Spain near Alicante


We camp a great deal in the spring and fall here in MO. The summers are just to hot if you don't use an RV with air conditioners. We pack in the national forest horseback. We take a pack horse if we plan to stay out longer than a night or two. We are planning a long camp trip this fall, since I don't have to hurry back for work now. We have saddle panners that go over a regular saddle to pack our stuff in. A nice pop up tent with a rain sheet and a floor. It's rocky around here so we have blow up bed also. It's actually really small and light when it isn't blown up. A small spike grill for an open fire and a few cooking tools and food. We don't have to pack in water because of the springs here.

The wife has been eyeing a fifth wheel RV lately and talking of going basically full time so we can travel the country. I think I like the idea. But we have a lot of critters and stuff we will have to decide what to do with if we do something like that. So it most likely will about a year before we actually do it.

I've used solar showers before (large bag that you fill with lake/river water that is black on one side that you leave lying out in the sun to warm up).  It gets the water lukewarm but unless your bring the stand for it, you or your hubby will have to hold the bag while you shower.  

Trouble is, you need the sun.  If you're in a location where it's cloudy or going to rain all day, it's pretty useless.

Any soap - laundry, shampoo, bath - you use must be biodegradable.  And if you're near a water source - lake, river, stream, pond - you need to wash at least 100 yards from it, so that your soapy water has plenty of soil to get filtered through and has a chance to biodegrade before reaching the water.  We used collapsible buckets to carry water back and forth when washing.

As for sleeping bags...make sure you take a foam comfy pad to put under it.  You'll thank me.

As for types, how cold do you expect it to get at night?  

Sleep with your tent zipped shut and all your clothes AND shoes inside the tent.  Keeps critters from crawling in your boots at night (bad experience with snake taught me that) to stay warm.

If it's going to be cold at night, yes, don't wear much inside the sleeping bag BUT keep the clothes you're going to wear in the morning INSIDE your sleeping bag, so you keep them warm. Nothing's worse than waking on a cold morning and dressing while still in your warm sleeping bag with ice cold clothing.

Get double bags so you and your hubby can snuggle together at night.  

No feather or goose down bags.  If they get wet, they're useless.

If you are pooping in the woods and have a scooper and toilet paper to bury everything do NOT forget to put mosquito repellent on your bare bottom.  Nothing's worse than being bitten when you're most helpless.  Do your business after dark or just before dawn, it's too cold and mosquitoes are not yet up.

If you're sleeping under the stars, don't forget to put mosquito repellent on your face AND hair, especially along your hair part and ears.

Wear whistles.  If you get lost, it's easier than screaming for help.

Depending upon where you're camping you might want to consider extra pairs of socks.  Your feet get wet easily through your camp shoes.

If I think of more, I'll make another comment.

More excellent "scouting" advice. And yes...always dig that cat hole if in primitive places for your "business". Also if you're in primitive camping conditions, don't leave any food in your tent. Critters can, and will find it and take it. Use a "bear bag" if conditions require. And last but not least, if you pack it in, you gotta pack it out. I'm a fan of "leave no trace".

Tarps,tarps,tarps......all GREAT ideas!!

I camp in a tent, but erect a pop-up pavillion over it and lay out a tarp and rugs in front of the tend making a patio. The pavillion keeps the tent dry and cool. The type of sleeping bag you get really depends on your needs. How cold will it be? Do you have to hike it in? How much room do you want inside the bag?  I also take a self inflating air mattress. Its great - It uses batteries and the pump is built in. The new LED lanterns are also great - better than the old gas lanterns and safer. I also love the solar showers. They are absolutely great and you can get a pop-up shower "tent" if you are not in an area you can shower in the open.  

The "OWLSNEST",ready to go....

POP UP camper we found on Craigs list,cheap....

Totally cool! We just got a small tent I was hoping do some camping.  In the Summer :)

I've tented,now we have our pop up.Its great!!  ALL depends on where you go


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