look im sorry that i asked a question in chat that you didnt agree with. i dont have friends so ps is my outlet. i apologize. i thought i could come on here without fear of judgement. i consider you guys my friends. i try not to come on here and burden you with my drama, but like i said i have no friends and i thought this place was a safe outlet. apparently i was wrong. this place has people just as judgemental as any other place. i was just looking for a safe haven, seeing as i cant talk to family about things going on in my life. i just want friends who actually care and not just when its convienent like it was in high school. im sick of fake people. you can disagree with me if you like, but a real friend doesnt turn their back when it suits them.

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Well I wasn't offended..I don't even know what happened. 

Me Either Catlin,

But I say the best thing I can tell you Silver Dove, is just stay out of the Chat room. I know at time there are folks in there that just don't mind how any feels when they jump on others. I just say bye at any time that happens while I am there and back out at that moment. It is just not worth it. Either that or you could try to start doing Screen Captures or Copy and Paste, then turn over the info in the Report Issue are at the bottom of all pages on the site.

Starrfire or a mod can help you with the Issue at hand. I hope this helps some, and always feel free to call on me if you need and help or just to talk.



I stay out of chat for the same reasons, Tea.

I know Catlin, I have had my run in's there as well. So I have found when I know anyone coming in that like to stir the Evil Cauldron up just to start crap for no reason, I just leave.

What makes it sad though, is we all use to have fun in there and have great talks about different beliefs as well. We Learned in real time and we never mined helping others out in a jam. But it is no longer like that, since I have been back. So I find it just as well to stay out now.

I also find it hard to keep up with and if you have one person on ignore the rest of the chat is lacking.  There are often three conversations going on at once and fights often break out easily because people are too confused to know what they are talking about.

How true this is Catlin.........been there done that......:)

I dont do the Chat thing so...Im not sure what happened..But Im sure it really cant be all that bad Silver~ You could try blogging some of the things on your mind...I know alot of pple respond well to the blogs~



   I have Two friends and we are as different as night, day, and twilight we agree to disagree

and learn off each other to vocalize our thoughts so we can understand each other's view point.

 The saying goes that a true Friend will help bury the body. You have access to millions of

people around the world surely there are others out there with the same interest's as you.

  Me I am an air headed space-cadet who's passion is learning, and I have found alot of

other's over the Two Decades I have been on-line, now I am putting my meager effort's

behind The Born This Way Foundation to help others.

 So I am asking what do you like to do and what do you find interesting.

                                            Peace and Glad Tidings

Web sites (and chat rooms) are like the local pub.  It's a gathering place for a wide range of individuals that may or may not have interests/wants/understandings similar to yours.  It might become a "safe place" after you've spent some time getting to know people and know who to avoid on a given subject.  But really, expecting it to do where people are without judgment (a basic part of human nature) is setting yourself up for a major let down.

but were all supposed to live in a utopian society!!


My kitties have SUCH a bad habit of eating those memos.

people who are "asses on here". thats your perception. that doesnt mean they are asses.


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