I wanted to announce an ongoing trance class that I'm running in South-Eastern Virginia. Its based on the Ecstasia style of Mediterranean trance so it covers all kinds of really neat folkloric traditions of music and trance from all around the Med. We focus on working as a group to support the music, the dancers and the whole community effort that goes into creating trance rituals/sessions. Right now we're focusing really heavily on drum and chant.

Mystic Moon
3365 N. Military Hwy
Norfolk, VA 23518
(757) 855-3280

Thursdays 6pm - 8pm
Drop-Ins Welcome!
$5 Per Person, Per Session
Ages 12 and Up with Parent

Please bring note taking supplies, instruments and a trance journal if you have one.
Please wear comfortable clothing, athletic shoes and a white shirt if possible.

(There's also an Ecstasia group on PaganSpace so you can keep up with what the class is doing even at a distance.)


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