In an effort to further my rune studies, I'm seriously considering a trip to Iceland sometime next summer. Does anyone have any suggestions of where to stay, what to see, or when to go? I would like to visit some museums, see some historical viking stuff, and mingle with the local heathens. 

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Wow that sounds amazing. I have never been there so I couldn't tell you what you might see. I went to Norway and saw some wonderful things like the fjords, a Norway festival, and a waterfall ceremony on a train ride. I would do all lot of research first.
Failed banks.

Seriously though fijords.

Fun to say and majestic to the eye.

We dont even have cliffs in Florida. Just flat land and beaches.

You should plan to see the power of Gaia.

Specialy this :

At your left, Europa, at your right America !

Have a nice trip, Blessed Be )O(

I have not been since 1996 but I loved the continental divide, the hot springs, and all of the lighthouses.  The trip was a working trip for me, I was in the military at the time, so I only got limited time to go see things, plus I was always with a group of guys so I could not always see what I wanted to see!


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