What is the usage of it, how to anoint it or activate it?

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This information will be taken from the book The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols; 

Triquetra : A very ancient symbol which in Latin means  "three cornered" the triquetra (or triqueta) is comprised of three vesica piscis shapes, sometimes linked together with a circle. It is similar to the Nordic Valknut in its contruction and although the sign predates Christianity It has been used as a symbol of the Holy Trinity; in fact, it has been adopted anywhere where a symbol for three connected items or concepts needs to be indicated. A clue as to the magical protective nature of the triquetra is that it can be drawn without the pen leaving the paper.

I hope this can be of some help and I warmly recomend this book for those interested in symbolism

This definition is only in-part correct, it was adapted by Christianity to represent the Holy Trinity, prior to that artifacts were found tied to Ancient Germanics, though use is ambiguous.  Some anthropologists seem to think it was a symbol to represent Odin's power.  (Power of the body, the mind, and of the Spirit).

From what I've read about the adaptation by Christians, the symbol was used in manuscripts but never sat alone like a Cross or something. It was always among other Celtic knotwork.

The Romans used knotwork prior to the Celts but it was for aesthetic purposes and the continuance of the Roman Empire (sort of like the infinity symbol).  See also the Gordian Knot and the solution.

The use?  It can be anything from protection, love, power - to activate it you just need to use it.  

I work with the Sicilian version of it.
To activate it, look for it in nature, and when you find any 3-sided or 3-pronged version of it, return to that spot in the waking world and the dream world.
You'll begin to tap into it's power.

Yes that looks more like a triskelion. 

Ah I see

"That is a triskelion not a triquetra"


I work with the Sicilian version of it.

Here's mine.  How do you work with it?  Sigilization?

It is, yet I think he's referring to the '3' significance in the symbol.

I understood that, the significance to the user depends.   Some people use cultural context while others do not.  Besides, who is the go-to source for what it (Trinacria) means?  Pliny?  I mean, if we go by his ideas it's just a symbol to represent the triangular shape of Sicily.   Before the Celts, it (Triskelion) dates to the Neolithic Age.  Without any real explanation (in the absence of writing) it's just a guess.  It wasn't even adopted as part of the flag until the 13th century.

In the case of the use of Trinacria, I don't see why it couldn't be assigned similar idea sets as the Triquetra.  Like, using it as a symbol of power, pride, protection, infinity, etc.  

So, you're argument is silly.  

I get that, I don't see anywhere he asserted they are the same exact symbol.  He did use the word 'version'.  Besides, the Opie is looking for advice on how to activate it and usage.  Background was not requested. 

Why was it necessary again?

Your compulsions, check.

Sort of like your penchant for last-wordism.


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