Open Letter to Paganspace

Re: Trolls

At some point there is is breakdown in communication that is intentional.  "Paganspace is a meeting place for the Occult community.", so it says on the front page and every one thereafter.  So when folks post away with things like they are "not spiritual" and "non-religious" it certainly raises an eyebrow on a site like this.  Of course, if that came from a newbie or an atheist/agnostic type of individual this might be par for the course.  But when said person openly proclaims their deep and intimate relationship with a goddess, that leaves some cognitive dissonance and questions in the hearer.  When those questions are raised the response is a flurry of attacks for daring to ask and even going so far as to inquire of the values of the questioner. 


I really am quite tired of attempting to explain this which seems completely an objective issue repeatedly. 


I'm looking for some community response here. 


I can not debate lies and misrepresentations, which I believe that this is at this point.  I am done feeding trolls, sycophants and liars.

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First , David , you must state your definition of "Occult"...


For as far as I am aware , "Occult" , means hidden...


So , if that is the case , your first point , is moot...


And , an incorrect way to begin this thread...a faux pas...


Would you care to elaborate , or change your OP ?


Or are you trolling ?

We shall see what we shall see , in response , Freyja's Man...:)

I agree with Shawn as well. 

This may seem a little harsh but I'd rather not beat around the bush with sugarcoating- If it bothers you to the point of making a thread like this then why are you still here? Your disapproval's not going to change anything. Neither is this thread. :P 

I'm game.  Hidden is an excellent place to start.  Let's look at the dictionary:




1. of or pertaining to magic, astrology, or any system claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies.
2. beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or understanding; mysterious.
3.secret; disclosed or communicated only to the initiated.
4. hidden from view.
5. (in early science)
a. not apparent on mere inspection but discoverable by experimentation.
b. of a nature not understood, as physical qualities.

c. dealing with such qualities; experimental: occult science



deception; double-dealing


–verb (used with object)
1. to represent  incorrectly, improperly, or falsely.
2. to represent  in an unsatisfactory manner.
The core difference is intent.

Of course , numbers one , two , three and four...


Though not limited to those , would immediately come to my mind...


Now , be aware , my dear David , each of those would have many

sub categories , you would need to address in argument...are you

truly ready , or just a pretender ?

Pretender or Playgon.  That would be the question. 


But here's the problem: who's answer would be accepted?

That would depend on who convinced the masses...


Ready to go head to head , heart to heart , groin to groin ?


Or are you a wimp , posing as one of the elder tradition ?

Ok Freyja's Man, that made me

Now , now , Freyja's Man...


I shall hold you to it also...


Please cite your dictionary reference...thank you ,

in advance...:)...


However , something that you mentioned , should be addressed...


David does mention cognitive dissonance and questions , in the hearer...


Which does mean one must be truly listening to another , not just through

a limited filter , to begin to judge that...


Anything else , is a juvenile attempt at judgement , or interpretation of

the laws of speech and logic...


( oh , and David...bonus points for me , knowing neon , for your astrological

sign , is Pisces...Dea , or Dagaz...and don't try to weasel out , telling me I

am wrong )

Well the limited filter was regarding David...


Yet if you state a dictionary definition , would you kindly

provide all of us the reference link ?


It shall substantiate any argument you have presented...:)

Nope, musical reference.  Try again. the Kcebealla of the Asatru , and Ayer - An Brotherhood ,

I am correct , you are incorrect...


Next attempt to prove me wrong ?


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