Open Letter to Paganspace

Re: Trolls

At some point there is is breakdown in communication that is intentional.  "Paganspace is a meeting place for the Occult community.", so it says on the front page and every one thereafter.  So when folks post away with things like they are "not spiritual" and "non-religious" it certainly raises an eyebrow on a site like this.  Of course, if that came from a newbie or an atheist/agnostic type of individual this might be par for the course.  But when said person openly proclaims their deep and intimate relationship with a goddess, that leaves some cognitive dissonance and questions in the hearer.  When those questions are raised the response is a flurry of attacks for daring to ask and even going so far as to inquire of the values of the questioner. 


I really am quite tired of attempting to explain this which seems completely an objective issue repeatedly. 


I'm looking for some community response here. 


I can not debate lies and misrepresentations, which I believe that this is at this point.  I am done feeding trolls, sycophants and liars.

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I could be married to a goddess , and not be religious...


You couldn't , David ?


Well , then , I would call you a wimp ass give power away ,



Instead of a hold one's power , God , in front of one's goddess ,


Well said , Squirrely One ....


You know the nuts when you see them...

Very well said , Sat - Sekhmet...


David has much to prove beyond irrefutable doubt , on this

site , to even begin to have some integrity and substantiation

of his position...


1. Of, relating to, or dealing with supernatural influences, agencies, or phenomena.
2. Beyond the realm of human comprehension; inscrutable.
3. Available only to the initiate; secret: occult lore. See Synonyms at mysterious.
4. Hidden from view; concealed.
You don't have to be spiritual or religious to be interested in occult subjects.
Well said , Shadow Moon...

Normally, I really like your posts, David, but this one bothers me.  It's a pissing contest between you and Freya's Man and you're dragging the whole PaganSpace community into it.  It's childish. 

And how do you recommend getting an objective response?


In the land of the blind is the one-eyed king or pariah?

Both and , or you got a problem ?


There is no realm of objectivity , in the realm

of the subjective ...




Who says you NEED one?


Especially when we're talking about about spirituality and occult subjects, which can't be objective by their very nature.

An objective response to what? 


The first part of the OP, I get.  I understand wanting clarification on why some people are hesitant to discuss faith and spirituality on a pagan forum. 


But when said person openly proclaims their deep and intimate relationship with a goddess, that leaves some cognitive dissonance and questions in the hearer. 


But this is a complaint against ONE member.  This is the pissing contest I was referring to.  You bashing Freya's Man for his relationship with Freyja and him bashing pretty much every word you say.  All I am saying is, is this an appropriate means of expressing your frustration?  Calling him out on the general board? 


You wanted community response.  This is mine.  I'm not trying to be rude, mind you, but this is just getting old. 

Very well. 


Clearly objectivity is suspect.  Mine is not in line with the community here. 


The issue is dropped and closed. 




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