Has anybody seen the TV series Salem and if so was it any good? I'm thinking about watching it and wanted to know if it was any good? Thanks.

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The witches are satanists. It is the Christian view of witches a real witch would be offended so you probably won't like it 

I've seen it, and I liked it, but I'm into that kind of thing.

Rev JP Vanir is right, some people would be offended by it.

Here is a previous discussion we had about it: Salem - TV Series

OK I watch some of it but I'm not sure is her child supposed to be the anti-christ or something? I got lost but am not that impressed with it

Was a good show first season or so then got all convoluted and lost as time went on. BTW! NO witches really died in Salem except by accident anyway. If you admitted you were a witch they let you live! It was just a bunch of misguided Christians killing other misguided Christians at the direction of a confused teenager and a really twisted preacher or two.

OK. It is silly thinking that the show has anything to do with the real Salem or witches. It is pure fantasy using the writings of the Hammer of the Witches. I loved it despite its shaky start. I was sad when it ended. I thought it was a decent fantasy. If someone feels 'Triggered' by it or it flares their dislike for Christianity then it's their mentality. You have to take it for what it is like Supernatural deals with angels, its fun fantasy.


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