you  know,  i love watching "a haunting" because it's  more laughable than scary.  

  seems every other episode is "kid screw with  "WITCHCRAFT" *GASP* and brings demons  into the home". 

these folks gotta get a new schtick..that story line is getting old  though still funny.  ok, the way they handle each episode amuses me.

    i love all the ghosty shows, i don't  look at them as FACT but entertainment. they are  interesting especially when  shows give the historic relevance.  kinda  neat.

but "a haunting"?  just makes me laugh.

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it  has changed  since it was  1st on, but i think it was  originally produced by a different  company, so the  format  might be the same  but the agenda  might've changed. 

Finally some body has said how BAD this is lol!  I stopped watching it after my Wiccan grandfather came back to haunt me  episode all because. I  dared to  use meditation lol!   I was grandpa  haunt her  lol!

*ROTFL* it';s so bad it's good,'s fun to watch.  like  REALLY bad  godzilla  1950's b movies..thats the same fun i get  out this show.

i think they are very entertaining but that's just it, entertainment. don't think any of them are true. 

There's another show that makes me laugh. If I remember rightly it's called Haunted Collector, maybe not. Anyhow this guy goes to "haunted" locations and then ascribes the haunting, almost always evil, to a particular object which he then kindly removes it :).

 You can almost hear the conversation between the team, "that's an 1812 soldiers cap, I can get at least 3k for that, quick lets tell them it's haunted by an angry spirit and we'll take it from them"

 I'm making this up by the way but I have a suspicious imagination.

i've always been worried that  one day he's gonna have a Ghost Buste3rs"  explosion from trying to contain all the haunted  objects  in one space. :D

Scam artist every where!

Oh goodness I have yet to see that Mithriltone! What channel does that come on?!?

just for the record? i have netflix and  the internet ..the  only tv i own is solely  for gaming. :D  no cable. most tv  irritates me  and the commercials make my teeth itch,most  of em are tha inane and  annoying.  

i just have a penchant for ghosty shows of all kinds.  and this show seems,  like i said, a bad  "Godzilla circa 1950's B-movie" hilarity to it.  kinda due to the  Christian-centric  episodes. entertainment not truth. :D   i enjoy a cheesy fun ghost story.

cheers y'all!


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