I am in a lot of physical pain and am under a doctors care. There are more tests that need to be done. This has nothing to do with my room mate. The current medication according to my own research says it can take 2 months before i get relief. It hasnt been a month yet since i started but other issues have come up. I have a bone scan test for the 4th but i think i need to see a doctor who deals with arthritis in some form. I will be making an appointment after that and see whats found there. My doctor is an internist but i doubt he has the background for the arthritis and will ask for a referral so some of my insurance will pay for it. Heres wishing you well and hope that you are happy and healthy. Your friendship is valued and I miss you. Hugggs!

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Big hugs Katey

I lit a candle for some healing and relief. Hugs. 

I wish you a sound recovery. Are you trying any complementary healings alongside your orthodox medicine?

Thanks. I am taking Vitamin D3 and placed on a restricted diet. 

That's good. I think that complementary things can also aid healing as long as they support orthodox treatment. Heated wheatbags could also help to ease the pain at night.

Must be horrible what you are going through.

I know some stories about Arsenic, Lead, Mercury and Aluminum poisoning that causes symptoms to get worse, it progresses while not noticing what is happening. Also check on Good to check if there is a history in the area you live in.

Hope you get well.

Hope you get better, pain kind of sucks.  Is it a problem with bone density? 

I had a bone scan done on Thursday and will get the results next week. I also found out my thyroid levels were low so that might be the cause.

Turn out i have low thyroid levels and osteoporsis. My doctor is on vacation this week and next week. 

If you eat a lot of cruciferous veggies raw, they can cause low thyroid.  When cooked well, they are not too bad anymore.  You can eat all the calcium you want, but if it is not shuffled where it is needed it does not work correctly.  Vitamin D2 is in veggies, they need skin exposure to the sun to make D3.  D3 ,which is Colicosiferol, needs the liver to to convert it to calcidiol.  Calcidiol needs the kidneys to turn it into Calcitriol.  Calcitriol is the hormone that actually causes calcium to be absorbed.  Problems in the liver, kidneys, or no sun can cause problems in this cycle.  Now, the nightshades, especially potatoes, have the active form of calcitriol in them.  Too much is no good though, because if you eat a lot every day your body absorbs too much calcium and it builds up in the organs and tendons.  But it does have potential to bring in calcium from your diet to give energy and stamina.  Calcitriol also is necessary in the brain, evidence shows it helps deter dementias from getting out of hand, so maybe eating a little more spuds may help.  Use some butter with the potatoes, vitamin K2 helps for some reason I read.  You can have low D2 and still have good calcium levels under some conditions, especially if you are a good metabolizer and are out in the sun or eat plenty of spuds in the winter.  Potatoes go better in the winter anyway, when there is no sun around.  Some genes can cause problems with vitamin D not working right too, Something like VDR genes. 

Thanks so much for your assistance. One of the first things my doctor did was tell me how much D3 to take, I am making notes of what you have said. Blessings!


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