My husband and I have been together since the 7th grade. We are now married and have 3 children. Things have been on a downward spiral since he joined the military in 2006 one of the main factors is infidelity, although we have a really great sex life he always seems to need/want attention from other women. We seperated Nov 15ish? He immediatly started dating a 18-19 year old girl who just graduated from high school in May. I am lost and I dont know how to sway him from her, and all other women. Help

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Wow..harsh as it sounds,cut him loose.You deserve someone who will treat you with the respect and love you deserve,and not be treated as just another member of his little harem.

true!!! and when you are ready to move on, and he wants you back play hard to get!! I had something like this happen to me but he was a bf. during that time I met my current bf. Sooo much better than the cheater I was with!

He strays because he wants to, Tina.  There is no stopping it unless he wants to change and it sounds like he doesn't.

Cut your losses.  Start the divorce proceedings.  Better now than waste years hoping someone else will change.

I'm sorry.

There are spells to make him faithful and do what you want, but no one is going to give it to you.  You might fined someone who will do it for a fee.  But why would you want that there are so many other things you could do to fined real happiness.  For instance marriage consoling I'm not saying this will stop him because it wouldn't, but maybe if worked on a way to have an open marriage that might help.   If he still loves you and wants you as his wife but he wants to keep his girlfriend you might be quite happy living that way as long as you where getting some consoling made rules to follow.  Get a guy of your own to have.  I know I know shocking how dare I say this but I know quite a few couples living this way and they are very happy.  Of course it takes a lot of work and it will only work if both people are happy and not feeling left out. 

You could always end this relationship and fined someone who treats you like your their one and only.  You could also stay with him and just get use to the fact he is going to do what he is going to do.

An open marriage should be decided upon beforehand, not as a result of one partners inability to stand by their promises.  I don't have a problem if two people enter a relationship or determine along the way that they want to have a open marriage, but doing so because the husband lacks the ability to keep his pants zipped is treating the symptoms of a bad relationship instead of solving the underlying problem.

Honestly, I am not sure why you would want to "sway" him away.  Do you really want to spend the rest of your life competing for your own husband?

You deserve to be with someone who loves and respects you. I am really sorry you have to go through this, but it will make you stronger and I am certain in the long run you will be happier.
The best thing to do us probably see a councillor for you and your children.
I know it's easy for us to say its not worth it to be with him, but I suspect most of us are speaking from experience.
Chin up, you are a beautiful and worthy person
Blessed be

@ dragonspring your right an open marriage should be made clear before one of the spouses run off and have affairs.  But once a cheater always a cheater so she can ether leave him, learn to live with it, or make him into a slave.

An open marriage to prevent cheating? I am not sure if it always works that way.

> But once a cheater always a cheater so she can ether leave him, learn to live with it, or make him into a slave.

Yeah, right.

No didn't say it would prevent it.  He would continue dating other people and having sex with other people.  But if she was doing the same it might be easier on her, or if they where able to talk about it openly it might not be so scary or hurtful. 

Mined you I said Might, meaning it could not workout at all, or that he doesn't want to be with her at all.

Online spells don't work all that well, if she is needing to ask then she doesn't know how to do it her self.

Might I also point out I did not say "no one on this web page has binding spell", so good for you for having some I have some to.  I said no one on here is going to give you some, and so far the closest thing she has come to was a link to an article about being careful what you wish for. Which has a link to a link to a link for some free and not free binding spells.

If you where wanting to prove me wrong you would give her one of your binding spells.  If not what I said is true no one on this web site as far as I have seen, has ever given away love spells or binding spells.  In fact what I do see all the time is people trying to talk them out of doing the spell, or trying some thing different.

I also never said she couldn't make one here self because she could and it would work better than any online spell that she found.  But if she was wanting to do it on her own she wouldn't be asking some one else to do it for her, or give it to her.

Over the years I've been here,there have been love spells,binding spells,healing spells,hexxes,revealing spells,banishing spells,hundreds of different spells posted on specifc groups and public discussions many,many times. The purpose of any spell is to manipulate energies for a change and though it can/could be done for her husband,what is the point,if he ,in his heart,wants to move on? Why it seems most people commenting here are not seeing spellworking as a "solution" in this instance. It is like trying to patch an open heart wound with a band aid. Many people are not comfortable,however,posting their spells on a public discussion and prefer to message someone privately.


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