My husband and I have been together since the 7th grade. We are now married and have 3 children. Things have been on a downward spiral since he joined the military in 2006 one of the main factors is infidelity, although we have a really great sex life he always seems to need/want attention from other women. We seperated Nov 15ish? He immediatly started dating a 18-19 year old girl who just graduated from high school in May. I am lost and I dont know how to sway him from her, and all other women. Help

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I realize it's been 17 days since you posted this, but I felt the need to say somethin.

Personal thought, he's not worth your time or your heart. Props to staying together since 7th grade but if his focus isn't on you as far as sexual desires and attraction goes then I'd say that's a sign that it's time to move on. Your mate is one who is loyal to you an the only love they need is from you. An if that's not the case then I dun see how it can prosper even if you two did get back together.

Now, I'm all for second chances. So as I agree with Ms. Celticwillow. If you move on an he decides he wants to come back to you, make it a challenge for him. Make him realize he fucked up. As horrible as it is to say, test his love for you. If he truly loves you an only you then he'll do anything to win you back an you know it's at least worth another shot. But if he can't take the struggle of earning your trust back and gives up then you'll know his heart isn't in it anymore an it's time to go find the one that will want you and only you. Best of luck sweety, and I hope you find happiness either way.

Unfortunately this is a common theme found within the military, I have seen it happen to many different people on several occasions and it's pretty sick. Move on with your life and that dipshit will realize he lost the best thing in his life. (his family)


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