My neighbor called me this evening, with some distressing news. Apparently someone had tacked a doll/poppet on the inside of her garbage shed door. We think it's been there since Fri (3/27) evening.

Bit of a back story. We're both on our homeowner's association board. And both she & I have had issues with them because we've been questioning goings on. We both suspect one of the long-standing board members has been philandering. Also the back of her home faces the street & is poorly lit. My home however faces neighbors' window & has a lot of light.

I'm not very knowledgeable in this type of magick. I'd post a picture, but I'm afraid to take it out of the bag in my home. So let me describe this doll:

- Made of white cloth
- No discernible face on it, nor any eyes/mouth drawn on it
- Heart drawn on it
- Silver pins pricked through the head, the heart, the "stomach" and the back
- Had some yellow coloring on it (she's blondish)
- Appears to have had some blood on it - but washed out
- Two pennies on the chest
- One penny near the trunk
- It was very baggy, with not much of a human-like shape to it
- We have no idea what it's stuffed with

For now, we took it off her door, wrapped tape around it's head - where the 'eyes' would have been. We put it into a black plastic bag and it's in our freezer.

My friend took three pennies held in her right hand, and tossed them away from her home, and I asked her to wash her hands and sage her home for now.

I'd like to help her out here. It's obvious someone has some ill intent toward her. And I am having trouble answering her questions about the reasons for the manner this poppet was constructed & the meanings behind the positioning of the pins & the pennies.

We're not sure what type of magick it is - I don't want to make any assumptions but we think the persons responsible are definitely of Puerto Rican descent simply because this is the one person in our community who has generated so much negativity & the source of so much strife.

All aside, I'd like to know the best way to properly dispose of this thing - And if it is indeed a hex, to remove or break it. And what can be done to protect ourselves against future attempts to hex either of us -- either directly via another poppet or through intent.

May the law of threes fall upon them for their ill intent and purpose.

Blessed be.

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I can tell you that the teacher lied about why he was "in trouble for disturbing the class. She told me that it was his pentacle that he was using to rile the kids, when she told the principal it was his wand that he had snuck into his backpack, and was doing the whole Harry Potter thing with. When the principal found out I was lied to, as was she, she was livid. When I informed her that there were more Pagan students in her school, and I knew their parents, she made sure that all of her staff was re-educated to avoid a law suit. The students in his class, thankfully, did not know what was going on, or he would have been bullied. Hate has to be stopped, and at a point before someone gets hurt.
No need to apologize, Hon...I loved your response. I needed the giggle know you are loved.

Jaela, Please let me first say, I am so sorry you are going through this... I'm sure it has you totally freaked out... Just breath sweetie, and keep reading.. Hopefully my reference will help.

After reading your thread, viewing the photos you had listed, and reading everyone's comments, the first person that came to mind (I feel) would be a HUGE help, Dorothy Morrison. The Lady totally knows her stuff now... Also, she is a featured member here on PS.

She is the author of the best books, her latest being Utterly Wicked, Curses, Hexes & Other Unsavory Notions.. Dorthy has done massive research on just this very subjects... (Sorry, not trying to spam with book plug, just being flat out honest).... It is a must have, and I know it will totally help you with this problem, explaining what it is, (by) explaining how things are made.. Once you understand how to make such (aka) how it was made. With that knowledge and understand you will have more insight on how to BANISH it...

Sweetie, I am sooooooo sorry I can't quote you "what's in the book", but, I would NOT, want Dorthy upset with me, on copyright things...

Email Dorthy about this issue, as well as get the book.... Dorthy is a doll, (I love her attitude - very straight up lady), and I'm sure she would not mind answering your questions... Now, she is a very busy lady with her tours and stuff, so be patient... Also, you might want to view her Personal web site and email her from there... I'm not sure which email she checks more..... But, I am positive, when she can, she will email you back..

Hope this helps,
Thank you Nyx... I will also be purchasing her book. It sounds wonderful, and surely something I will love to add to my personal library to better learn ways to protect myself.
KittyMamma, you will be laughing so hard when you read the reason's for her writing the book, let's just say, she got very tired of putting up with someone abusing her (so to speak)... She's a total hoot... But, once you get past that, she tells it like it is! It's not a very big book 192pgs, and cost $14.95, but sooooooo worth every penny...

I'm a firm believer, if something you don't understand scares you, look it in the eye, research the crud out of it, pick it apart, figure it out, then it doesn't bother you anymore. Also, in this process you learn how to (in this case) block, and/or reverse it.
Definitely I will buy it, I loved her website too. Wow, she is inspiring
Oh, and doesn't her reason sound familiar...(Knew you would get that
LOL lovee her reason.. lol.. Also have you seen her house.. OMG'sh, I would die to have a house like that..

I love her web site, as well as her.. She is so warm, open, and very straight up..
going to check out the know I love romantic themed things...especially if they have flowers. I will email you with my thoughts.
Blessings Rhea
The Person who did it has no idea what they are doing,

I concur with should send it back to them suitably adjusted,
Of Course..Me I would Do something else as well....

But again
I am not bound by any "harm none"

dont worry about the ammonia, the salt...and even the smudging...But there is absolutely no power whatever in that poppet..only what your own imagination gives it


Well, my two-pennies worth opinion.

1. Not amateurish. The shape of the poppet itself, doesn't necessarily equal the power of the spell. A poppet doesn't have to be a mirror image of the person, to work on that person. A crude shape is all it takes, as long as the poppet is attuned to the person.
2. If the poppet is destined for your friend, it means it is attuned to your friend. Poppets are sympathetic magic. Everything that is done to the poppet until that tie between the poppet and your friend would reflect on your friend. So... blinding the poppet and keeping it in the freezer... hmmm.. tearing it apart and burning it? hmmm again.
3. I agree, contact someone well versed in poppet magic. I do admire Dorothy Morrison, but I did not read her book that was mentioned here. My first thought on whom to ask for advice on this kind of magic would be Mambo LaReina. She IS after all a Voodoo Mambo. She used to be a member of Pagan Space, but I see she's not here anymore. Here are her myspace pages, so you can contact her:
Thank you for the advice. I just tried to contact her via MySpace but her profile is set to private. So I cannot even send her a message.


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